Friday, May 29, 2009

The Week in Review

Crazy week here at the Stockman home! I'll work my way back as usually I forget where I'm going!

Last night I had Bunco at my house. For those of you who don't know Bunco, it's essentially ladie's poker night but with dice rather than cards. It's pretty mindless, unless you're keeping score, so it enables us to chat and visit and catch up with one-another. The core group has been together for almost 11 years and it is always a highlight of our month. There are 12 of us, so each of us hosts once a year. We all pay $10.00 and in turn get a full meal, including dessert and a great prize.
Last night I serverd chicken kabobs, garlic bread, fruit salad and a garden salad and for dessert had rhubarb-raspberry crisp with ice cream. Everything was so good and special thanks to hubby, the BB-Q master!!! We were feeling very chatty and decided to skip playing all together

We took a tour of the house, yard and garden , chatted with each other and just enjoyed the blessing of our friendships. Thanks ladies, for coming and especially for being such dear friends. I love you all!!

Got the rest of my garden planted this week. Brian worked hard getting it all rototilled for me and I got it strung and planted. It's always quite the thought process deciding where each thing should go. I try not to plant anything in the same place to give the soil a chance to heal and build itself back up.

Oop's! Meant to put the other half of the garden in, I'll try to add it but it will probably go to the top. My pics just aren't meant to be in order I guess!
Memorial Day weekend was beautiful! Brian did the canoe leg in Ski to Sea and he and his partner finished 47th out of 400 teams. Not bad for no practice!!! Brian has a bulging disc in his back which has been giving him a lot of grief , so the only way he'd consent to being on the Haggen team was if he didn't have to practice!!! He felt great and his back didn't bother him at all.
Went to the team party that night and enjoyed every one's stories. My favorite... his canoeing partner, an accountant for Haggen, plays in a blue grass band on the side. A lot!!! He plays Banjo and when his son is home, he joins him on the mandolin. I looove the mandolin. In fact, I own one, but have no clue how to play it!!! But now I'm a little more motivated! Oh, and Lynda has a Banjo. She also has no clue!!

Two exciting announcements:
My cousin's son, Nick, just got accepted into Harvard Law School!!! How awesome is that? Way to go Nick!!
My SIL Meagan, just got juried into a huge art/studio tour on Bainbridge Island in August. I'm so excited for her . She is so talented and has really been praying for God to open some doors for her so she can get her business off the ground. You can see some of her paintings at Take a look!
Last, but definitely not least, the Farmchicks ( is only a week away!!!! Lynda, Terry and I got together to work on our scrapbook from last years show. Lynda made a great peach pie and we had a grand old time!!! Karen is joining us this year and we can't wait to show her around!!!

Okay, so that wasn't the last thing! I'm also having a garage sale tomorrow!!!!! Still cleaning out the house, and the garage and the shop and have yet to price a thing!!! I think it will be a long night! Oh, and I've decided to post the garden later! Although every time I say I'll post "more pics later" I never do. Sorry!


  1. I LOVE your beautiful garden. LOVE IT. And happy for Meagan. CONGRATS.
    AND....excited to see you at the Chicken party.

  2. Was that Karen O. in your pics?! She's a great friend of mine from years past - we don't reconnect often enough!! I LOVE Bunco, so if you ever need a sub.............I'll have to walk down and check out your garden some night!! Looks awesome!!

  3. Busy, Busy! Your garden looks like a magazine photo shoot, honestly.
    Wish I could have made it to Bunco, allergies are winning for sure.

    Have fun at the farm chicks show and take lots of pictures for the blog audience.

  4. dear, dear holly...
    so sorry i missed your call. by the time i got your message, i was sure the party was in full swing. thanks for thinking that little ol me could be a fun addition to your party. oh, do i have you fooled. :) kind of you to call.
    your garden is darling!!! i'm jealous,i admit.
    lis and i have been kicking around the whole 'farm chicks' thing but don't think we can make it this year. you KNOW we'll be there next year for sure!!! take lots of pictures!! i can't wait to hear about it. hey, if you happen to find any vintage cake toppers (chalkware) would you be so kind to pick me one up. if you find one cheap...after all, i'm dutch. well,dear one, off to bed for me. have a blessed sunday!

    p.s. how did the garage sale go?? make lots of spending money for your weekend away? :)

  5. Holly, Holly, Holly...
    How do you do it all! Let's see, you planted your garden, held a garage sale ( not to mention all the work prepping for that) and hosted bunco...all in ONE weekend! I'm in awe. Way to go SIL!!!
    Love ya,

  6. Cute garden. Mmmm it's going to be good eats.

  7. Thanks for giving Nicholas a shout out.
    Your yard and garden look beautiful. Keep posting as it grows.I'm glad you're always having so much fun with so many fun people.