Thursday, October 29, 2009

Junkin' with the girls!

After a very successful Farm Chicks weekend together at the beginning of the summer, we decided to give the Funky Junk Sisters sale a try! Due to Homecoming, we were unable to go to the Friday evening event, which I hear was fabulous, so we set out bright (actually, it's dark at 5:00 a.m.!) and early on Sat. morning. Terry was so kind to let us use her van again...thanks Terry! After stopping for coffee in Bothell, we made it to Puyallup before the doors opened at 8:00. Hence, we had time for this lovely photo op. in the parking lot!We even managed to be first in line! There were a couple of ladies in front of us, but due to photo shoots and bathroom breaks, not necessarily in that order, we were first!
Great stuff at this sale! Everything we liked was well represented, great prices and often the price was reduced even more than the tag price. We were all being very practical this trip and didn't over do it, like someone did at the Farm Chicks....just sayin'!

Karen got this great cupboard for her living room. This booth had wonderful furniture and really good prices. I was looking for something I could use for a coffee table, but didn't find just the right thing. I did get a great Longaberger laundry basket, a suitcase , an old sewing machine and some small goodies. We enjoyed talking with the "sisters" and really liked this show! We will be back in May!!
After the sale we headed a few miles down the road to the town of Sumner. How did we not know about this cute little town? Great, wonderful, and totally awesome shops here...we were giddy with excitement!

Can't remember the name of this shop, but it was so cute and had such great stuff! Wonderful furniture and displays. We went here first and last!!!

We almost lost Lynda at the New England Saltbox! This is what she thinks heaven will be like for her!!! Her favorite style of decorating...the colors, the antiques, the fabric, the lighting...she loved this store!!

She loves to get into character where ever she is and this was no exception. I believe she's writing in her journal here!

Some lovely primitive antiques here, but very, very pricey! Too bad for us, but our husbands were thrilled!

The girls with Horace, the Scarecrow!

I had to get this picture in of the sign. What a great word, coverlets!!!
We had a great lunch at a little hole in the wall restaurant. Great soup and sandwiches.
Then off to Country Village in Bothell. I was a little disappointed here. We used to live about a mile from here and Ashleigh and I would go there about once a week to walk around, feed the ducks and play. There were so many wonderful primitive and country shops. Now there are only 3 or 4. Now there is Polish Pottery, Farmers Ins., Indian (East)clothing, and a lot of bridal stuff. What's country about all of that?
We did have a great time! I read today that having friends extends your life quite a bit...I think I got an extra few years from this trip! Thanks, my fellow junkies!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to School

Last night Brian and I went back to school. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. In fact, it was hard!!!
Lynden Christian offered parents a chance to go to school and take 3 classes. We decided to take classes that Tyler is currently in or will be in this year. First class was Spanish with Senora Hagadorn. I took Russian and German in high school, of which I remember nothing but a few words of each, so Spanish was completely new to me. It started off great! Mrs. H. is very enthusiastic and really engages the students. Part way into the class, however, she started speaking ONLY in Spanish!!! Here is where the trouble started!! An assignment was forthcoming, but we were able to have a partner. I of course chose (begged) someone (thank you Connie!) who knew Spanish, thinking that would be helpful. It wasn't! Poor Connie! I'm sure she would rather have been with her husband who knew Spanish, but no... I latched onto her like white on rice! Now, we were warned that if she caught us speaking in English we would get the "red mark of shame" on our paper, unlike our kids, who get it on their hand! Only one person got that mark last night and yes, it was me! Totally humiliated and trying to slink out of class, I was accosted by a reporter from the Bellingham Herald, who wanted to publish this bit of information! Thankfully, I only get the Sunday edition, and hopefully the story got lost on the back of the want ads!!!! I must say that Tyler was quite exuberant over my red slash!

Next class was Math and we got to use calculators!!!! Unfortunately I needed to take a class on how to use that as well! I felt overwhelmed and pretty stupid going back to school and I am so thankful that I do not have to go! I have a little bit of pity for Tyler, but he's smart, so not much!!

The last class was with his English teacher, Mrs. Kronjte...his FAVORITE teacher!!!! She talked about the kids strengths and how she uses them in her classroom and her school. The kids took a test their freshman year that identified their top 5 strengths and explained what they meant for them. It was really very interesting and we spent a lot of time talking with Mrs. K. She is a kick in the pants and it's easy to see why she and Tyler get along so well! He doesn't have her until next semester, but he can't wait!!!

Lynden Christian has decided to have a Homecoming this year! We've had our kids in school there for 15 years, and there has never been a Homecoming, so it's rather exciting. King and Queen, etc. will be chosen based on participation in Spirit Week, of which Tyler wanted nothing to do with...until Max showed up in PJ's on pajama day. Then I got the phone call: "Mom, I need you to bring me my pajama pants right away! It's pajama day and Max wants me to wear them!" Anything for Max!
Tyler, who had no interest hours before, now needed to go to Value Village with his friends to get clothes for Neon Day. He did quite well, I must admit!

Now to find outfits for Twin Day and Super Hero Day ! He's got Blue and White Day covered!!!
This is the kind of stuff I love...forget the academics...I'm too old to learn new tricks, I mean languages! Oh and what is the quadratic equation used for anyway?
Off to the "girl" doctor and the eye doctor. Yes, I need bifocals! What a week and it's only Tuesday!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Faithful Friend

Saturday, our little Bailey passed away. While we knew it would come eventually, we weren't prepared for how quickly she faded. The last two days she could barely walk and had quit eating and drinking, so we asked our neighbor, a vet, to come over and put her to sleep. Not how I wanted her to go, but we didn't want to see her suffer. She didn't want to end that way either, so with a last tail wag and a look up at me, she took her last breath. We'll miss you Bailey!
Ashleigh petting her new dog at the Humane Society. We got Bailey when Ashleigh was 7 years old. She had been beaten, the dog, not Ashleigh, and would just cower in the corner. She didn't utter a sound for almost a week!! Unfortunately she learned to bark a little too well!

Such a cute little face!

Tyler was 2 when we got her and he didn't put up with anything from her! If she jumped on him he would grab her jowls and say, "NO Bailey"!

Show and tell at school.

Christmas 2004.

Giving Tyler a little love! Notice both cats would rather not be there!

Her last day .

Tyler giving her some love.

It's strange not having her around. She was always so perky. Although she was almost 14 she would always run out to meet the car , jump around and wag her tail. She was always so happy to see us!

Goodbye, good and faithful friend.