Thursday, October 29, 2009

Junkin' with the girls!

After a very successful Farm Chicks weekend together at the beginning of the summer, we decided to give the Funky Junk Sisters sale a try! Due to Homecoming, we were unable to go to the Friday evening event, which I hear was fabulous, so we set out bright (actually, it's dark at 5:00 a.m.!) and early on Sat. morning. Terry was so kind to let us use her van again...thanks Terry! After stopping for coffee in Bothell, we made it to Puyallup before the doors opened at 8:00. Hence, we had time for this lovely photo op. in the parking lot!We even managed to be first in line! There were a couple of ladies in front of us, but due to photo shoots and bathroom breaks, not necessarily in that order, we were first!
Great stuff at this sale! Everything we liked was well represented, great prices and often the price was reduced even more than the tag price. We were all being very practical this trip and didn't over do it, like someone did at the Farm Chicks....just sayin'!

Karen got this great cupboard for her living room. This booth had wonderful furniture and really good prices. I was looking for something I could use for a coffee table, but didn't find just the right thing. I did get a great Longaberger laundry basket, a suitcase , an old sewing machine and some small goodies. We enjoyed talking with the "sisters" and really liked this show! We will be back in May!!
After the sale we headed a few miles down the road to the town of Sumner. How did we not know about this cute little town? Great, wonderful, and totally awesome shops here...we were giddy with excitement!

Can't remember the name of this shop, but it was so cute and had such great stuff! Wonderful furniture and displays. We went here first and last!!!

We almost lost Lynda at the New England Saltbox! This is what she thinks heaven will be like for her!!! Her favorite style of decorating...the colors, the antiques, the fabric, the lighting...she loved this store!!

She loves to get into character where ever she is and this was no exception. I believe she's writing in her journal here!

Some lovely primitive antiques here, but very, very pricey! Too bad for us, but our husbands were thrilled!

The girls with Horace, the Scarecrow!

I had to get this picture in of the sign. What a great word, coverlets!!!
We had a great lunch at a little hole in the wall restaurant. Great soup and sandwiches.
Then off to Country Village in Bothell. I was a little disappointed here. We used to live about a mile from here and Ashleigh and I would go there about once a week to walk around, feed the ducks and play. There were so many wonderful primitive and country shops. Now there are only 3 or 4. Now there is Polish Pottery, Farmers Ins., Indian (East)clothing, and a lot of bridal stuff. What's country about all of that?
We did have a great time! I read today that having friends extends your life quite a bit...I think I got an extra few years from this trip! Thanks, my fellow junkies!!!


  1. It all looks like great fun! Just my kind of day. My junking buddy and friend is my sister. She lives in Indiana and I am in Michigan so we only get to do this together a couple times a year. This makes me miss her even more seeing all of your happy faces.

  2. Good times, for sure! You all look so cute and happy in the pics. Glad you found some treasures.
    Thanks for the super Sounders experience, once again. Those boys are very lucky,

  3. I'm so glad you all made it to the show and looks like you had fun in sumner too!
    Nice to see you again!

  4. I think we laughed throughout the entire day!! But, my favorite part was just chillin with you at the village. I can't wait to invite you to my mansion just beyond this hill--it will be raining joy inside my saltbox. You'll be right next store baking the peach pie. But, it's just a delight to have little slices of joy on this side. You are such a blessing passport for me. xoxoxoxobetty

  5. oh please, please, please show us what a chick magnet looks like!! He probably didn't even have to have a costume. Too funny.
    That shop you went to really had some neat things and love the little cupboard Karen picked up. It would look nice in my house too!!

  6. Friends are the best - don't days like that just refuel you? Oh - and cute "chick magnet" - he should've dumped the carhartt coat unless he's looking for a trucker chick :-)

  7. jeolous to the core!!!
    why do you not tell me about these things until AFTER THE FACT, you silly, silly girl!? :)
    lisa and i used to go to Country Village every year!! we love that place!!
    we are SO going to this show in MAY!!
    remind me. that way i won't need to be mad at you for 6 months for NOT telling me. :)
    i'm SO out of the loop!
    looks like you had a wonderful time. girlfriends AND shopping is SO good for the soul. love u.