Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Part 2 of our fun little road trip took us into Tennessee. This is where I really wanted to go! There are a few places I think I would enjoy living ...New England, Montana and Tennessee. I love Montana, but I've never spent time in the other places. And while I still think I could live in Tennessee, I really do like it here best!

Picture heavy ... be forewarned!

We drove into town Friday afternoon and headed straight for the Grand Ole' Opry Hotel. Gorgeous!

 We contemplated going to the Grand Ole' Opry, but would have had to sit apart so we decided not to go. Vince Gill was playing...I love Vince Gill ~ maybe next time! Kellie Pickler and Rascal Flats play on June 4 if you happen to be in the area !

Headed downtown after that. Nashville isn't a real big city, so it was pretty easy to get around. Everything is pretty focused on this area. Vanderbilt University is right here too.

Found our way to Broadway where all the music happens. Live music at every place, people trying to make it big!

I loved all the bright lights and quirky signs ! We drove through the area, but didn't stop anywhere. Recording studios abound ...

I like the one in this old house !

I kind of wish now, that we had gotten out and walked around, but we're really not into the smokey bar scene. So after driving around we went and found our hotel...much nicer than the last!!!

And then ...... FRANKLIN !!!! My favorite!!

Next time !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Took a Little Trip ~

Last month Brian and I had the opportunity to take a little road trip that we've always wanted to take. He had meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio so we planned a nice trip through some of the South.

We booked my ticket through to Cincinnati, but it was going to be a very short layover in Chicago and I wasn't sure if I would make it. Also, we were flying back out of St. Louis, Missouri. Do you know it cost's hundreds of dollars more to rent a car in one place and return it in another? Neither did we! So I cut out the last two legs of my flight and got a car in St. Louis and drove to Cincinnati. Good thing, as due to bad weather that flight was delayed an hour, so I would have missed my connecting! (Plus, when I returned home, I had messages saying my flights were cancelled for two days due to bad weather!)

I thought it was appropriate that the women would be providing the shelter in case of a tornado! It was over 85 degrees and so muggy...lots of storms after I got on the road!

I left St.Louis at about 7:45 pm and made it to Cincinnati at around 2:30 am...and I only got lost once! (I was quite proud of myself!)

We stayed at a beautiful, old hotel right downtown, but of course I have no photos except for this one of the amazing brunch I ordered! I slept in while B finished his meetings and we were back on the road by around 2:00. 

We headed to Kentucky, which didn't take long as Cincinnati is right on the border! It was so beautiful! Lush and green and true horse country. So many gorgeous estates and equestrian farms. Miles and miles and miles of  black fencing, although there was white too, but mostly black. I assume it's easier to maintain, but don't know for sure!

The difference between Brian and I when we drive, is that I stop willy nilly everywhere and take pictures. With Brian at the wheel, most photos were taken while driving, and most didn't turn out that great!  But you get the idea with these. We found it interesting that all these antebellum style homes are right on the main roads. We took highways and back roads and stayed off the freeways, but these big ones were right on the highway.

The pillar business is going strong!!

I can't even remember all the towns we went through, but this was on the way to Frankfort.

Brian admired all the stone walls. We stopped at a Shaker village and you could drive all through the area. We didn't take the tour, but did manage to hit the gift shop! The temperature had dropped by 35 degrees when we got there. Big difference from the day before!

I love that there is a "sister's" shop!

Lovely yellow building ...

                                and a cute little swing ~

Stunning barn !

 I would love to walk this lane every day ... so peaceful, and so beautiful.

We visited a lot of small town America. Beautiful and quaint, but small town America is definitely on the decline. It's sad to see a way of life disappearing. I encourage you to shop local and visit these amazing places.

Churches everywhere, gorgeous churches. And beautiful buildings.

The homes were pretty nice too!

We stopped at a cute little cafe. Can't remember where...My memory is terrible !
Loved the quilt painted on the wall. There were barn quilts everywhere. Wish I could have photographed all of them, but this is all I got!

Gift shop on one side,

cafe on the other.

We stayed in Lexington, Kentucky the first night in a lousy Ramada...don't ever stay there! Had a really good dinner at Cheddar's. Brian loved the food and we loved talking with all the friendly people!

Side note...Brian says the Shaker village was south of Lexington, which means the rest of the pictures following were too!!!

Enough for now ! Next up ? Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

My daughter came over yesterday, bringing me fresh baked bread and offering her services in yard work and kitchen duty! I love the gift of service and time, so it was a perfect day! We worked really hard outside and when I came back in the house I found these blessings all over the house!

Thank you you forever!

Write it on your heart that every day 
is the best day of the year.
Ralph Waldo Emerson