Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living in the Pacific Northwest

Living in the NW corner of Washington state really is wonderful...most of the time! We have wonderful springs, summers and autumns and winters aren't too bad either as long as we get a little snow once in awhile!! This spring, however, has  left a little to be desired. It's COLD!!! It's been the coldest June on record...it's being hailed as "Junuary"....I've had to plant my garden twice... and I've had the fireplace on more than once!

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know that I truly love rain, especially the hard, pounding stuff. I prefer this during the cooler months, with soup and homemade bread!! But I would like it to quit now! I'd like my garden to grow and my grass to stop growing!

Even this frog seems confused! He hopped, up hill, from the pond to the patio...about 100 feet!

Maybe he was hoping for a little heat from the cement?
Not going to find it...hasn't been out of the low 60's in days. We even had an overnight temperature of 37 degrees!!

Despite the rain and cold temps, however, we are blessed with loooooonnnggggg amounts of daylight, which I love!!!

All these photos were taken close to 9:00 pm this week!

Mt. Baker...

The pond...where the frog came from!!

And the garden.

The only thing bad about it staying light so late is that we can stay out working til 9:15 or 9:30...it's so hard to quit when it's so light outside!!

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! Hard to believe the days will start getting shorter...hope we have some warmer weather before fall!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduation 2012

High School Graduation.

The Beginning.
The End.

This past Friday was Tyler's high school graduation. How could 13 years have gone by so quickly? Seems like it was only yesterday that he was headed off to Kindergarten.

He was the only one I knew who didn't want mom to take him to school...he wanted to ride that bus!!!

Oh, how my heart melts when I see that precious face! My arms ache to hold that little body and smother him with kisses! It's been a really long time since he'd let me do that :(

He attended Lynden Christian from Kindergarten through 10th grade and then transferred to Lynden for 11th and 12th so he could do the Running Start program. He wasn't too attached to the school and had no intention of walking through graduation. But a few days before, I went to Baccalaureate and he wasn't there. My heart broke just a little bit.
                                                             His friends without him!

 Then I was looking for a special picture for a friend and came across Ashleigh's graduation pictures and my heart broke a little bit more. So on Tuesday night I asked if he'd do me a favor and walk. He said YES!!! Joy and shock!!! I had gotten a cap and gown at a garage sale last summer, just in case! And I was on the phone bright and early Wed. morning trying to secure a stole and tassel. Thank goodness for Jostens, who said it would be no problem...they'd deliver it to the school on Friday in time for graduation!!

So a few pictures at home, without said stole and tassel...nor would he put on the hat...

I'm so glad he participated!! Don't think he really cared one way or another, but it sure made this mama happy!!

I waited and waited for him to walk through the doors and when he did I realized my camera was off. I think he's laughing because I miss a lot of moments this way!!

Lining up before walking in...

He's always so happy to have me take his picture!

Finally.... a Smile!

 Empty, but pretty just the same! They actually had to go to school on Monday to get their actual diplomas!

Getting ready!

What a moment...

for his mama to remember...

And before you know it, it's over. Thirteen years...finished.

And by the time we found him, the cap and gown were off and thrown in the back seat of his car. He had plans with Max, his best friend, who was leaving in a few days. We did not rank as high as Max on the important meter!

He said he'd take a photo with us the next day...but I knew that wouldn't happen. I've waited three days and finally decided to just take one of the gown before I pass it on!

Congratulations Tyler! Job well done!

Mama's happy!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012, Part Two

I remembered to take my camera back to the show on Sunday!! Thought I'd share some of the booths, and fun and of course, what I did with some of my goodies!!

Miss Betty, in all her goodness and cute outfits, brought us juice to start our morning! She is using one of her new purchases as a tray. What a love she is!

A little photo op before the doors open. In order, with our weekend names...Millie, Barley, Peppy Ally and Betty. Have I mentioned how much fun we have together? So thankful for these delightful, God-loving women!

I loved this booth, and of course when sister's are running it you know it's going to be good! There furniture was so beautiful and they were so kind and sweet!

I really, really wanted this dresser, but one, had no room, and two, I didn't need it! But boy, did I like it!

Just a cute, darling little display...

and another one...

I always love Junebug's booth. So clever and full of fun stuff!!

Can't remember the name of this booth, but these lights are little mason jars re-wired for lights...adorable!

Lot's of cute buntings this year. This one was just paper twisted and tied on a string...very cute!

Love the bunting!

The end of the day, getting ready to head out.
So glad I wanted a picture because I had left my camera in a booth and wouldn't have realized it while we were still there.

One of my finds of the day! Wish it fit!!

I have a little beach display on my back porch and when I saw the swimsuit I thought it would look really cute with the other stuff. Got the ice cream maker set out there too...perfect color!

I got the life jacket at the Ruffles and Rust show a few weeks earlier. I've never seen one like this. We always had the ugly orange ones!

Got these green, Bakelite domino's on the way over...great color!

Some old letters from WW2. I was hoping there were love letters in there, but they were letters from the soldier to his parents! Very sweet!

The first thing I bought, this amazing chalkboard sign! Need to have hubby come up with a way to hang it! It's been so cold here lately that soup is definitely on the menu!

My second purchase, this awesome dough bowl! I've been wanting one of these for  a long time!!

Something I saw on Sunday that I hadn't seen and loved, were these pillow covers. Canvas with vintage inlays. I had two inserts at home that fit perfectly. Finally, some progress in the bedroom re-do!

Another amazing year with amazing friends! I am so blessed!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012, Part One

I've been so looking forward to the Farm Chicks show this year! It truly is my favorite weekend of the year. I get the privilege of spending three glorious days with the most amazing women I am blessed to call friends.

I wanted to do something fun for them so I put together some little goodie bags that I'd found at Grandiflora , and stenciled the aprons on from the Farm Chicks Christmas book. Things for sustenance such as a water bottle, granola bars, gum, dental floss, hand sanitizer, Starbucks card, etc. It was really fun to find little treats to put in them and they were such sweet dears when they got them!

We had a lovely drive over, stopping along the way. We went to Country Village in Bothell and looked around a bit before having lunch. We also stopped in Cashmere at a great antique mall where we all got some fun goodies!

I forgot to take my camera on the first day of the show, but did take lots of pictures the second day...I'll post those later!

Sticking to tradition though, we all had to display our finds of the day, give it a theme and give a little talk about our purchases and which was our favorite!

Terry is so good about getting only what she needs, and every single thing she bought was for someone else! She is the most giving person I know!!! She bought the Pyrex bowls for some  sets she's been collecting to give to all of her nieces, someday, bought us all coffee at Starbucks, and gave us some cute needle cards so we can keep up with our stitchin'!!

Lynda found some lovely treasures and has a lovely way with presentation! She is very delightful and descriptive of her wares and always ends with an opening for questions from the audience!! Her favorite find was the black pizza peal!! I loved the old oar and the cracker box she found! She also bought all of us the cute Farm Chicks mugs (Terry's holding one in the photo above).

Karen (Peppy Ally) is also very good at getting just what she needs and not going overboard. She had an industrial theme going on and had plans for each and every thing! Those four bins she is going to nail to an old barn board and plant with flowers...love that!!!

Karen supplied us with the vehicle and "goodies" for the drive. It's nice of her to provide such a big vehicle when she doesn't bring much home!!

Once again, I made the most purchases!!!! I think I have enough chalkboards now, but that "soup of the day" was so divine, I couldn't pass it up! I put the little one on the porch (thanks Lynda!) and will write a little diddy on it! I was specifically looking for a nightstand/dresser/table, but didn't really find anything. I also wanted an old wooden ice cream maker and found this aqua one in pristine condition. I don't think it had ever been used!

Some great joy came from finding the dough bowl/trough! I just love it! I want to fill it with spools and balls of twine and string and such. The things in the bottom left hand corner  numbered chair back covers which are already gracing my chairs!

We were done at the show pretty early, and after our display time and a little snack we went to a few quilt stores. We found a new one near our hotel called The Quilting Bee and was it ever cute! I love this quilt with the Sweetwater fabric...

and this one too, which is also made out of Sweetwater fabric. I really wanted the pattern for the second one, but they were out of the book.

After that we went to The Buggy Barn where I fell in love with this delightful quilt made from fabric by Cosmo Cricket. What's not to love about a churn dash pattern? and those colors????...love!!! The red slash will not be gracing my quilt, however. Does nothing for me!!!

That night we headed to Chaps for dinner. It is really eclectic and vintage and has great food!

Very cool decor! Loved these doors with the chalkboard inserts. Zoom in and read the recipe and cute quote!

Celeste is the owner and such a DEAR! She is so sweet and made us feel so welcome! She has the most amazing, cheerful employees!! It's always a joy to take a meal in this wonderful place!

A little more amazing decor!!!

We had an awesome first day at the Farm Chicks show!!! I'll post some pictures of the show later!

Already anticipating next years show!!!