Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living in the Pacific Northwest

Living in the NW corner of Washington state really is wonderful...most of the time! We have wonderful springs, summers and autumns and winters aren't too bad either as long as we get a little snow once in awhile!! This spring, however, has  left a little to be desired. It's COLD!!! It's been the coldest June on record...it's being hailed as "Junuary"....I've had to plant my garden twice... and I've had the fireplace on more than once!

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know that I truly love rain, especially the hard, pounding stuff. I prefer this during the cooler months, with soup and homemade bread!! But I would like it to quit now! I'd like my garden to grow and my grass to stop growing!

Even this frog seems confused! He hopped, up hill, from the pond to the patio...about 100 feet!

Maybe he was hoping for a little heat from the cement?
Not going to find it...hasn't been out of the low 60's in days. We even had an overnight temperature of 37 degrees!!

Despite the rain and cold temps, however, we are blessed with loooooonnnggggg amounts of daylight, which I love!!!

All these photos were taken close to 9:00 pm this week!

Mt. Baker...

The pond...where the frog came from!!

And the garden.

The only thing bad about it staying light so late is that we can stay out working til 9:15 or 9:30...it's so hard to quit when it's so light outside!!

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! Hard to believe the days will start getting shorter...hope we have some warmer weather before fall!!


  1. You should be getting more day light than us.I would love to have more, but Honestly, I haven't been outside working as much because it is heating up. It isn't too bad right now. I will be heading out to work in the yard a bit. But come Saturday, it is in the 90's for a week or longer. You can send some of that cool weather here. I am not ready for the heat. I am thankful we haven't had 100's yet like we did last year!!!I would gladly sent as much heat as you would like that way if I could have cooler tempts awhile longer!

    It does seem odd that the days will start to get shorter already.

    Keep warm!!

  2. Brrrr. It's hard to dress seasonally appropriate, it's sweater and boots kind of cold and yet it's June. Sorry you had to replant your garden.
    I'm hopeful for July!

  3. I haven't been able to weed my veggie garden since Memorial weekend.... needless to say the weeds are growing faster than the veggies!

    I'm ready for summer now please :)


  4. Way past being done with the rain!! I'm longing for evenings on the patio or around the firepit! It may be nice that we have really long days, but wouldn't it be even more wonderful if those extra hours of sunshine we could actually see and feel it? No - I'm not bitter - just irritated! :)

  5. We're heading that way tomorrow! I'm really excited to see cold and rain!

    It's miserably hot and humid here!

    Don't get moldy.