Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I've learned about myself while convalescing

Spring is "springing"! The robins were out for a family reunion yesterday! The lilacs are budding, my MIL has a Rhody in bloom and the weeds are popping up rapidly. It was supposed to be cold, blustery, rainy and snowy during my convalescence, and while there has been some of that, it's mostly been pretty nice around here. Very mild...hard to justify sitting on my backside for the last 2 1/2 months!!

I have 5 hours until I officially go back to work. It will be nice to have a paycheck again. And something definitive scheduled for my day. But who am I kidding? I really LOVE being at home!! It's my happy place, my comfort, my refuge. And, it's just started snowing! I LOVE snow! And being home while it's snowing! Making soup, baking cookies, snuggling under a cozy quilt and reading a good book. Or napping. I LOVE napping! I have read nearly 30 books in the last two months, and have gotten completely hooked on Larkrise to Candleford, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, Parenthood, and shamefully, the Bachelor! (I'll be glad when that one's over!) But that BBC? Oh my!!

I've really accomplished nothing during my time off. I've ignored (or pushed out of my mind) a few things over the years. Namely, I'm basically a lazy person. Not very motivated. Don't get me wrong...I have moments of greatness where I actually get quite a bit done!! But in general, I'm a planner and an organizer. I like nothing better than to come up with a project and organize things all nice and pretty! I have to organize all my sewing stuff before I can quilt. Likewise with scrap booking. Unfortunately, by the time I get things the way I like them, I don't want to mess it up. Or it's dark and the light isn't good enough to make proper fabric selection. Or I need to make dinner. Or go to bed. (I do get my first wind in the afternoon, and then I could go all night, which is not conducive to the sleep patterns of the family!)

I've only started being able to walk, with a boot, in the last few weeks, but what freedom!!!! Freedom to think I can get all these things I've been planning, while on the couch, done!!!! HA!

While I like to plan things out and have everything ready, my husband gets an idea into his head and goes for it! It drives me nuts, but I secretly admire it also!!! He has been tearing apart our little office area and has worked steadily on it! I've been little or no help!! Pictures will be forthcoming!

I've decided to work on the bedroom! Time for a change...of color, of design, of a lot of things! I want to do some major changes!!! We want to put in a fireplace. We took one out of our kitchen and want to put it in the bedroom, along with some built-in's surrounding it. I (yes, only me) want to replace a wall with French doors. Hubby's not quite on board with this, but it's in my head and I know it's the right thing to do!!! Our bedroom is huge. Like a separate wing on the house. It's about 40 x 25. Ridiculous. At one point during the remodel, it held:
1 king sized bed
2 nightstands
2 blanket chests
2 armoires
2 couches
2 wing back chairs
3 large shelving units (my pantry)
1 coffee table
2 end tables
1 ottoman
There was more, but was all quite comfortable...still lots of room!!

This is what it looks like at this moment:
I'm tired of the red. And I hate the carpet with a passion! What kind of builder puts green carpet in his own house? Yuk. I want to slipcover the big chair with a drop cloth. It's sitting on the chair now...has been for awhile. On the left side, mostly hidden, is a door to the outside and a little porch. Really little. I want to put a wall of French doors across that area and have a full porch outside. It would be covered as I'd keep the same roof line. There isn't enough light in this big space and it would really brighten things up. Off that wall is the garden and the pond so I think it would look really pretty. My husband thinks I'm nuts to take square footage out of the house.

Please vote for Holly!
 I want to paint the red wall, trim out the windows and replace the wall/floor trim. We've changed all the trim in the house to off white, and much bigger and need to do the same here.

 I recovered one of the chairs and five years later, hired someone to do the other one! (See earlier, where I said I was Lazy!)

I got this dresser the other day to replace my nightstand and love it! Looking for a similar one for B's side. Some carpet samples are sitting underneath it. I can have samples sitting around for a long time. I don't want to make the wrong decision so I let things sit til I'm really sure!!!
 Does anyone else get an idea in their head and then when they try to implement it discover that they can't find what they're looking for? I can't find the exact shade and texture I want for the bed skirt. So frustrating!!!! And of course, each fabric takes on a different look with different colors of carpet! I'll figure it out one of these days!

This is the nemesis wall! The bane of my existence!! A 35 foot wall with no windows!!! And that color? Ugh! Notice the treadmill holding a wreath. That's all it's really used for. (another thing I'm lazy about...exercise!)
I have a collection of fabrics, paint colors and carpet samples. I think I have more fun collecting all this stuff than actually implementing it! I have some beautiful bedroom ideas on Pinterest, but alas I can't get them to post...any ideas? (Remember, technically challenged here!)

I have a picture in my head of what it will all look like, such as bits and pieces from these photos. I just need to get it out of my head and into action! I'm looking forward to the finished product, but it will probably be awhile. I girl can dream! Another problem...

I've been so blessed by friends and family during this time...Lynda, Linda S., Karen, Tami, Terry, Lydia, Linda K., Ellen, Carol, Janice and especially Brian and Tyler. My extended family has been so helpful too...couldn't have done  this without all of them. From meals to visits, to driving me around and doing fun projects with me. You've blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined!!

It's noon. I'm still in my jammies. That should surprise no one! Now I have to get going...get something more than a blog post accomplished, although that's pretty big since it rarely happens anymore!!

Have a wonderful "leap day"!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Fun Little Project

The recovery is slow. I had such high expectations for myself! I'm farther along than the Dr. said I'd be, but I was sure I'd be closer to wearing two shoes! As it is, I now have a "boot" and am able to start putting a little weight on my foot. It also means that I'm able to navigate the stairs quite well and can finally start spending time in my sewing room...yeah!!!

Once a month a get a nice little package from Sweetwater ,as part of their label crew. They create a little project every month, and labels to go with it. I really like everything they do and they have the most swoonable fabrics! I ordered the little fabric kit too, but it was only $5.00...easy peasy!

 The project is for a journal cover that fits over a standard composition book. You get the colorful and very detailed pattern along with the cute label to go on the front of the book. The fabric squares were extra and also came with a fat quarter for the liner.
So I layed out all the fabric pieces until they looked right to me!

Sewed all the rows together...

And together again...

Sewed the front to the back, with a lining in between...

Turned it right side out...

Placed the book inside the flaps...

Ironed on the label and stitched the edges.

I love it! Cute, easy and a project completed in a short amount of time!!!