Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Funky Junk Sisters

After a late lunch in Sumner, and a visit to an antique mall in Puyallup, it was time for the big event! Karen and I waited in the car for a bit as there wasn't a line yet...or so we thought! The entrance was in a new location!! The line was still short, but we didn't have the first place position that we had last year!!

Sue Whitney was there teaching a class before the show, but came out and did some book signing. Wish I had brought mine, but I wasn't thinking clearly! The lady on the right is Dixie...love that name...who is one of the sisters. Part of the show involves raising money for breast cancer and Dixie wanted her "rack" in the photo!!! (Her words, not mine!!) I like that they support such a great cause.
Right off, I ran into Lisa (http://www.lisasouers.typepad.com/). She was buying some goodies...for her new house? her booth at the Farm Chicks?? Should have asked, but I really just wanted her picture!!! Lisa makes beautiful, fun jewelry and I get something from her every year. She's so cute and sweet!! I forgot to get the other lady's name, but I got a cute children's plow at her booth.

This was my favorite booth! I got her card, but can't find it and can't remember what her name was!!! I got a little fan here, some chalkboards and a cute hanger for my pantry. She and her partners had on these cute little aprons, with different colored ties, and they all had on bright converse sneakers. So cute, helpful and lots of fun! ( Sorry I can't remember your name!!!)
The sisters had their junkin' truck set up with lots of goodies around it. Love this sign!!! The table was pretty great too!! I have one like this at my house...maybe that's why I like it so much!

One of my favorite finds....a Maytag washer...in red, no less!!!! Got this in Puyallup. Thank goodness Karen had her big Honda!! This washer looks like it has never been used!! You may remember that I got one of these 2 years ago at the Farm Chicks show. Didn't have room to get it back, so my dad said he'd bring it over...soon. Has yet to happen. Now that I got this one, the other one should show up any day...Murphy's Law.

I also got this adorable children's stove. It actually works! I have a little refer too and now they can be together. I have them in my sewing room - don't ask me why! I still have a set at my parents house, but not nearly as cute as these, and my stove is just pretend!!

One of my favorite things! I've been trying to come up with something for the blank wall in my pantry and also wanted a place to hang my aprons. Found this little hanger at the cute booth, with the cute girls, that I can't remember the name of!!!!! Little faucets for the hangers. I only put my cute aprons here! The not so pretty ones are still in the laundry room!!!

That's all for now!!!! Lots of fun, great company and new friends! We did miss Lynda and Terry greatly though!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Karen and I headed down to Puyallup on Friday to go to the Funky Junk Sister's show, http://www.funkyjunksisters.blogspot.com/.

The show didn't start til 6:00 so we spent the day in Sumner. Hit a few "horrid" garage sales and then went downtown. First stop was Today's Country Store, http://www.todayscountrystore.typepad.com.
We saw so many great things, like this tandem bicycle!!! My dad has one in his shed and I think that I need it for my place!!! Love that green!!

And I have a love for all the old tiles, bingo markers and flash cards. You really shouldn't part with anything from your childhood until you are in your 50's. That way you wouldn't part with any treasures!!

Had a nice visit with Wendy, who was so friendly and helpful. Ran into her at the show later too. Thanks for all of your advice Wendy!!!! Karen really wanted that green coffee pot, but didn't get it. Maybe next time!

We went to a few other shops too, including the Primitive Gathering. There was much coveting going on here!
Great displays!

I'll post on the show tomorrow or the next day. The suspense must build!!! Actually, I didn't take as many pictures as I thought, so I have to come up with something to add to it!!!!
Karen and I had a great day together though!!!! We know so much about each other now, that we have to be friends for life!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Off the the Funky Junk Sister's show down in Puyallup...So excited!!!! Lot's of goodies, a stop in Sumner and the Sister's on the Fly!!! And...it's beautiful out! Great day for a road trip!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Walk in the Country

Hubby and I went for a walk down the lane yesterday afternoon.
I've been wanting to visit a little house and ask if I could take some pictures. We met some new friends, Bob and Carol, who were more than happy to show us their little home in the woods.
They have a couple of acres that back up to some woods, which they've been clearing out a bit and doing a little landscaping. This place should be in Better Homes and Gardens!!!
Forgot to take a picture of the cute house, but this is quite the tidy, beautifully landscaped country cottage. Carol does a lot of whimsical painting on old metal buckets and watering cans...very cute!!

I love this old washer!

You can see a bit of the house here. Very northwest craftsman style.

A few ladders, a few watering cans...much inspiration!!!

Jackson was waiting for us when we got home. I love the label on the wagon!!! Good thing he can't read!!

The weather is supposed to be nice, nice, nice!!! A few (big) landscape plans around here!
Enjoy the sunshine!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May or January?

Remember all the coverage during the Olympics about the awesome, but not so conducive to winter sporting events, weather? Upper 60's, sunny, short sleeved weather??? Back in February??
That may have been the nicest weather we have all year!!
Now it's cold, rainy, haily, thundery, blustery...feels like January!! You get the picture!!
This is not a bad thing if your couches contain "humannip" like mine do. Nothing like turning on the fire, curling up with a nice book, a cup of hot tea and napping. Oh, and don't forget the rain pounding on the windows and the wind blowing like crazy. And when you (finally) wake up, what's beckoning you??? The Walton's you say??? Oh my.
It's not so bad to do this during the dreary winter months...But this is May people!!!
My lawn needs mowing, the flower beds need weeding and my vegetables need down coats!! Who wants to be outside in this stuff??? Not me...no way...give me the couch.
On to other news...
Remember my lamenting the last uniform? The last game??? The end of my son's illustrious athletic career??
He got moved up to Varsity...
More games...
More Uniforms...

He was mad at me last week and told me not to go to his game. So I didn't. (We're petty that way!)
Now they are in the play-offs and the games are loser out. Which means, if I don't drive a hundred miles tomorrow to Coupville, I may never see him play a varsity sport...ever...
So, now to see if someone can cover my shift at the library, and if they can, drive myself far, far away. To sit in the rain.
What's a mother to do???

What I thought was the last game of the season/life!!