Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Days

It seems that the entire nation is aware of our snow storm. Big news when it shuts down a city like Seattle, but also a little fun! The nice thing about snow in the Northwest is that it really doesn't last all that long.  What's a week of snow to people in Minnesota and North Dakota? I'm sure they think we're nothing but wimps!  We have a week of it and then it's back to normal! Green grass is still under the snow and the weather is supposed to move up into the 40's ,and things are getting back to normal.

It started snowing here on Monday night. Why does snow always start when you have the blinds closed and it's time to go to bed? I like to watch it fall and enjoy the stillness!

Fortunately for me, it snowed most of Tuesday as well!

School was cancelled, but my son and husband still had to go to work. I got to sit and enjoy the view!
Read books, watched movies and did a little baking!

Wednesday was beautiful! Rarely do we get a "nice" snow day, where it's just still and beautiful.

The sun was shining...everything was so tranquil!

Tyler and his friends went sledding, out to eat and had a night of movies and games...still no school!

Thursday it wasn't so nice as the Northeaster kicked in, dropped the temperature and blew snow all over! I heard at one point the temperature, with the windchill, was -15 degrees. The view went from  the above photos to this...

It's about three feet deep by those trees, but almost bare by the house!

My friend, Tami , did a fun snow quiz on her blog. You should visit and check it out!

Hope you get a few snow days, but not too many! Stay cozy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My Friends have been such a blessing to me, especially these last few weeks! They call and visit, sweep and dust, offer to clean my bathrooms, which I politely decline because that's just yucky, and bring me delectable goods!

Lynda has brought meals, movies, stitcheries and her lovely company! We do have a glorious time together! She's cleaned and has offered to pack away all my Christmas stuff!!! (I know it's killing her that it's still up...sorry!!)

My other friend, Linda, picks up and drops off my library books and magazines, and visits and calls on a regular basis!

My friend Tami spent the day with me last week and brought lunch...
dinner (including a special meal for Tyler!)...
and a project for us to work on together...
This is the finished book of her Christmas cards! What a great way to keep each year together, with a little mini album. We (mostly she) got all mine done, except the cover. Tami is such a go-getter! She brought over all the product for me to use, so I had no excuse not to do it!!! Thanks Tami!! I can't wait to get all the cards from years past into their own albums!

I've had so many nice visits and phone calls and people offering to run errands, clean house, make meals, etc. I am so blessed!!!

My blogger friend, Brenda, gave me a lovely award and so many bloggers have been in touch offering sweet words of encouragement! Thank you so much!!

I can't sit at the computer for very long and I can't blog from my iPad, but I am looking at all of your  posts and enjoying them so much! Thank goodness for blogs and pinterest..and thank goodness for my friends!
You know who you are and I love you dearly!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a Little Stir Crazy!

The following picture is a little graphic, but since this is my journal, I had to put it in...skip ahead if you'd like!!!
I had to have my Achille's repaired  the week before Christmas and while I'm not uncomfortable, I am getting extremely bored!!!
Ten days post-op, but it sure felt good to get those stitches out!!

 I wanted a black cast, but they talked me into a pink one will be black!!! Black goes with not so much!
I have a great little scooter that I can zoom all over the house on, but I crawl up the stairs like a two-year old!!
I've read three books in the last three days...
Watched the entire first season of this...
Worked on a little stitchery, finished my Christmas cards, mastered the art of standing on one leg while showering, and very little else! I'm going a little stir-crazy!!!
I have spent extreme amounts of time on Pinterest, but as far as far as doing anything truly productive, it's just not happening!!!

We had a wonderful New Years celebration with dear friends, playing games, visiting and eating copious amounts of food!

There were some very competitive people know who you are!!!!

A wonderful way to ring in the New Year! 12 is my favorite number so I'm expecting great things this year!!!! Walking on two feet would be FanTasTic!!!

I can't imagine what I'll have to blog about over the next two months, as the view from the couch just doesn't change all that much!

Wishing you all the best in 2012!