Thursday, January 12, 2012


My Friends have been such a blessing to me, especially these last few weeks! They call and visit, sweep and dust, offer to clean my bathrooms, which I politely decline because that's just yucky, and bring me delectable goods!

Lynda has brought meals, movies, stitcheries and her lovely company! We do have a glorious time together! She's cleaned and has offered to pack away all my Christmas stuff!!! (I know it's killing her that it's still up...sorry!!)

My other friend, Linda, picks up and drops off my library books and magazines, and visits and calls on a regular basis!

My friend Tami spent the day with me last week and brought lunch...
dinner (including a special meal for Tyler!)...
and a project for us to work on together...
This is the finished book of her Christmas cards! What a great way to keep each year together, with a little mini album. We (mostly she) got all mine done, except the cover. Tami is such a go-getter! She brought over all the product for me to use, so I had no excuse not to do it!!! Thanks Tami!! I can't wait to get all the cards from years past into their own albums!

I've had so many nice visits and phone calls and people offering to run errands, clean house, make meals, etc. I am so blessed!!!

My blogger friend, Brenda, gave me a lovely award and so many bloggers have been in touch offering sweet words of encouragement! Thank you so much!!

I can't sit at the computer for very long and I can't blog from my iPad, but I am looking at all of your  posts and enjoying them so much! Thank goodness for blogs and pinterest..and thank goodness for my friends!
You know who you are and I love you dearly!!


  1. Holly you're so luck to have such wonderful friends to visit and help out... and keep you from going a little stir crazy perhaps?

    Maybe we'll get a bit of the predicted snow this weekend and you'll have something pretty to look out at :)


    PS oh, and if you're bored you can look up ideas for an outdoor wedding, in August, on the Kitsap Peninsula, overlooking the water... we're still in the planning stages :)

  2. Oh how wonderful. What wonderful friends. I visited your Pinterest boards and yours put mine to shame. I think by time you are up and around again you will have so many recipes saved and inspirational projects saved up that you will be busy for years. Pretty music....Just sitting here listening. Off to bed, we are getting snow and the roads are suppose to be bad in the morning. Heal quickly Holly!

  3. I just love having you home! You have been such a troubadour with nary a complain, but countin' all yer blessins' instead. Amsa loved our visit the other day especially her wonderful time with Tyler. It filled up her little heart. Only you would be exceptionally hospitable whilst being trapped in a cast. You are truly one of my favorite things. Lynda

  4. LOVE the music. Good bye, Barry Manilow, see you next year.

  5. The pleasure was all mine. I'd love to come back for another visit. Hoping you're healing!

  6. Holly so glad you friends are there for's hard to feel off need others and say so...praying your recovery is seamless as well as timely...blessings to you

    Karena A Loblolly Life