Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trying to get Back in the Groove!

 It's been a wild, hectic, emotionally challenging, life altering month around here. Don't want to go into too many details, but the "high lights" were that my husband lost his job a few weeks ago and I have a skin cancer on my nose....yes, those are the highlights! I can boldly proclaim that we serve an AWESOME GOD as He has given us such a calmness and peacefulness and even downright joy in the midst of many trials!

This past weekend was prom for Tyler. He had no intention of going and really isn't involved in any high school goings on at all, as he's pretty much done with all that! He loves working and going to the community college, so I haven't had many senior photo ops!

Thankfully his dear friend, Joci, talked him into going to the prom! She has a Jr./Sr. banquet at her school and really wanted to go to a "real prom"!. They decided to go the Monday before prom and went out shopping on Tuesday night! Tyler bought himself a suit, tie and some lovely white Vans for the occasion. He bought the ticket and they were set! They didn't want to spend a lot of money, so they decided to forgo the flowers, had a "nice" meal at Burger King and I took the pictures!

I think they make a pretty cute couple!
 These are completely out of order...don't know why, but we'll just go with it!!
 Would have been nice if he'd washed his car, considering the white dress!!

 I think he's pretty handsome!!!

Prom ticket = $60.00!! Can't remember what the cost of mine was way back when! I think the juniors always put the prom on for the seniors.

The pretty shoes!!! Joci's heels were a good 4" high and a little difficult to navigate in the grass!

Got out the chalkboards!

Did some climbing!

Liked the matching nail polish and the flowers on her thumbs!

A fun night was had by all!

A little bittersweet as this is one of the "lasts"! Graduation is just around the corner!