Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Nothing Done Today!

In the last few weeks I've become a bit addicted to the TV series, Heartland. It's based off a series of books for young girls, which I've never read. The series is more grown up, and while it's not anything extraordinary (such as Downton Abby !), it is just a really delightful show. Wholesome, funny, sweet, sad. It's filmed in Calgary, Alberta and the scenery is gorgeous !

Well ... this came in the mail today !

I've been getting the DVDs from the library, but knew I had to have them for my very own!

It's rainy, drizzly, gray, and hubby is gone all week. So, in between a few chores, I will be sitting in front of the television, watching season 3 and doing a little quilting.

With a stop or two to research guest ranches !!

Happy Day !

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Painting Soiree ~

A lot of people have gotten on the "Annie Sloan" bandwagon ~ some more so than others. I've done a few projects, including this one.

I had gotten this buffet at a local antique store and when the paint was first available at Grandiflora ,  I decided to tackle the piece. I wasn't thrilled with the paint ~ very expensive, took 3 coats, brush strokes, etc. I really didn't know anything about the paint except that you didn't have to prime first. That was enough for me ! But I certainly liked it better than what it was ! I didn't sand or wax it, as I don't use it much and I have a piece of glass for the top.

A year later I was at a couple of different craft shows where it was being demo'd and asked some questions. I bought a little tray to use as a visual and another 6 months or so went by. Fast forward to the upcoming wedding and I thought I'd try some trays, candle holders, frames and such.

Ummmm .... Now? I love it ! What a difference it makes to learn a few things about how it works and how to use it ! I am in a bit of an " old white " rut, but I figure white goes with everything, right ?

Yesterday my friends Tami, Shelly, Chris and I got together for a painting day in Chris's studio. We all had numerous projects we wanted to work on. Shelly had the back of her car pretty full !!

Chris gave me a tour of her "garage", which is full of amazing furniture and projects just waiting for her special touch. I was just a bit envious !

Shelly came prepared with champagne and real champagne glasses...none of that plastic stuff !
Everyone, but me brought snacks , which were delicious ! I brought gifts , but honestly there is no food in my home anymore ~ they would not want me to bring anything edible !

 I rarely drink , like maybe once a year , and I don't even like champagne , but Shelly put something extra special in this and boy howdy was it good ! You may or may not notice my nearly empty glass sitting with my goodies !

Chris worked on these gorgeous candlesticks, and the pretty blue frames in the background.

 Shelly was painting a silver tray and a really neat round, wooden box.

I have been wanting to paint a mason jar and I have a bunch of metal frames. I LOVE the Arles yellow ~ swoonable !

A little cheese plate with a stencil ~

Tami was in heaven ! This silver pedestal got a coat of  " Duck Egg  ", some wax , and then a lovely silver mixed wax on top. It turned out beautifully ! She also did the luggage rack and the cuckoo clock that you can just see in the bottom of the picture.

It was so fun hanging out with these gals and seeing everyone's creativity pop out !

Must do again soon !!!

I do believe the jar was my favorite !

Needless to say, I went to Grandiflora and stocked up on some paint today. Can't wait to play !

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A little continuation of the Farm Chicks trip!

After our tour around Spokane, Terry was kind enough to let me borrow her van and head over to Idaho. My brother and his family live there and there was someone I was dying to meet ~ my great-nephew, Ethan. My brother is somewhat of a tease ... okay, a BIG tease. He told me the baby wasn't there, that his mom dropped him off with a friend while she went to work. Ten minutes later, my nephew brought me to him. He'd been sleeping on the sofa and I had walked right by !

Needless to say, I ignored everyone but this little man!

Oh my goodness!

He was such a sweet little morsel of all that is good in this world!

Those cheeks ! 

 Those rolly little legs !

100% in love with this boy!!!

My other nephews were there too, and I made it clear I was there for some baby love and they would be slightly ignored ! But  I gave them a little love too !



So fun to see all of these guys ! I missed seeing Kara and Meggee though :( 

Back to the Farm Chicks on Sunday , but just for a little while. We're always ready to head back home after a weekend of junking.

Some neat lighting ideas ~

A little R and R in the man cave before we head to the car.

My friends were kind enough to let me stop on the way home and have a visit with my sweet, little Grammy !

 She is so delightful and adorable ! She's almost 93 and still going strong ! My uncle goes to see her every Sunday and take her to church and out for a hamburger, which she loves ! I love this lady with all my heart !

Had to have a picture of my bestie and my grammy !

Just so happened that my mom's best friend was there having lunch with her hubby ! Karen and my mom grew up together, and now that my mom is gone, she's a lovely reminder of her, every time I see her. Karen, you're beautiful !

And isn't her hubby just the handsomest?!!!! His name is Everett, but all us girls (sisters, cousins) have always called him "the Marlboro Man" ! (Even before PW called her hubby that !)

He and Karen are cattle ranchers , among other things. They have two kids that I grew up with and thankfully with facebook, I can stay in touch with all of them.

Karen may or may not appreciate this photo , but honestly this is so her !!

It was so good to see everyone ~ thank you ladies, for taking the time for a visit.

And now, I leave you with this ~

 Lynda finds joy in EVeryTHing !! And I find joy in her !

Another great year !

Monday, June 10, 2013

Farm Chicks 2013

Another wonderful year at The Farm Chicks has come and gone. It never disappoints!

The four of us have such a good time together. I am so blessed to call these wonderful ladies "friends". They are fun, loving, lovely and Godly women. It's hard to decide which is more fun...the show or the trip back and forth!

We had such a wonderful time going to Spokane. Lots of laughs, lots of stories, lots and lots of prayer. We all have something (s) on our hearts that is causing us worry or pain or fear and these women all step right up and start praying mid-conversation, turning everything over to the One that heals all our pain. I'm so thankful for these amazing ladies!

As soon as we cross the mountains into Eastern Washington, you can't help but notice how big the sky is! I think I take a picture like this every time I go over there!!! Such beauty ~ such magnificence!


We had some stories to share along the way, and while one person got this sign, it applied to all of us. We are virtuous women, we are!

We went to our favorite place, Maggie's South Hill Grill, for dinner on Friday night. The food there is so amazing! A butternut squash soup to die for, delectable salads, and this divine artichoke dip, that was worthy of a picture!

If you are ever in Spokane, you must have a meal there!

We got up quite early, as there was not an early ticket option this year. Got to the Fairgrounds at about 7 am, but the line was quite short. Lynda and I went back to the hotel while Terry and Karen waited in line. Went back for our stitcheries so we could work on something for the next two hours!

Our traditional pictures ~ a little chalk art and the feet!

The bracelets !

 Special thanks to Grandiflora for giving me tickets for both days of the show!

 Ready to shop!

Paint in my Hair booth ~

Adorable signage~

Adorable lights ~

Really cute displays ~

 These lovely ladies ~

Love this sign ~

Great lighting ideas ~

I see these ladies every year and had to inquire. I usually see them doing this on Sunday morning.

Every year they attend with their friends. At 1:00 on Saturday they have a little tailgate lunch. On Saturday they have a tailgate breakfast. Such a sweet idea !

Beautiful display, and they were just getting started !

We left the show around 12:30 and went for lunch. Terry had lunch with a friend, while the rest of us had a quick lunch together.  Then we went to downtown Spokane for a little shopping. I wanted to take the girls to "Pink Salvage Gallery", a really great shop. I love the ladies there! They were so sweet and helpful and a fount of information!

A few of the things I really liked ~

Great signage !

We also went to the  "Two Women" antique store. I actually ran into an old friend there. Jennifer and I went all through school together. Should have taken a picture !

Saw a neat graphic on a wall at a business. Karen owns a lab and I am hoping she does something like this at her place !

We had such fun !!! Went to Chaps to have dinner, but in the end decided to go back to Maggie's ! We weren't disappointed!

I also got to spend a little time with my new great nephew, who is utterly adorable !  Next post !

Here are a few of my treasures from the show ~

I got some old yard tools and really neat vintage hand cart that are sitting outside, but this was mostly it! The pots are planted, the clipboard is hanging, the shirt is in the closet and the ice cream maker is sitting on the porch !

Looking forward to next year!