Thursday, June 13, 2013


A little continuation of the Farm Chicks trip!

After our tour around Spokane, Terry was kind enough to let me borrow her van and head over to Idaho. My brother and his family live there and there was someone I was dying to meet ~ my great-nephew, Ethan. My brother is somewhat of a tease ... okay, a BIG tease. He told me the baby wasn't there, that his mom dropped him off with a friend while she went to work. Ten minutes later, my nephew brought me to him. He'd been sleeping on the sofa and I had walked right by !

Needless to say, I ignored everyone but this little man!

Oh my goodness!

He was such a sweet little morsel of all that is good in this world!

Those cheeks ! 

 Those rolly little legs !

100% in love with this boy!!!

My other nephews were there too, and I made it clear I was there for some baby love and they would be slightly ignored ! But  I gave them a little love too !



So fun to see all of these guys ! I missed seeing Kara and Meggee though :( 

Back to the Farm Chicks on Sunday , but just for a little while. We're always ready to head back home after a weekend of junking.

Some neat lighting ideas ~

A little R and R in the man cave before we head to the car.

My friends were kind enough to let me stop on the way home and have a visit with my sweet, little Grammy !

 She is so delightful and adorable ! She's almost 93 and still going strong ! My uncle goes to see her every Sunday and take her to church and out for a hamburger, which she loves ! I love this lady with all my heart !

Had to have a picture of my bestie and my grammy !

Just so happened that my mom's best friend was there having lunch with her hubby ! Karen and my mom grew up together, and now that my mom is gone, she's a lovely reminder of her, every time I see her. Karen, you're beautiful !

And isn't her hubby just the handsomest?!!!! His name is Everett, but all us girls (sisters, cousins) have always called him "the Marlboro Man" ! (Even before PW called her hubby that !)

He and Karen are cattle ranchers , among other things. They have two kids that I grew up with and thankfully with facebook, I can stay in touch with all of them.

Karen may or may not appreciate this photo , but honestly this is so her !!

It was so good to see everyone ~ thank you ladies, for taking the time for a visit.

And now, I leave you with this ~

 Lynda finds joy in EVeryTHing !! And I find joy in her !

Another great year !


  1. Well as always you look like your are all having a blast! So glad you shared. And he does look like a Marlboro Man.

  2. So wonderful, Holly Dolly!!!! Thank you for sharing. I miss our Grammy and just hate being so far away from you all! :-(
    Love the photos of Karen and Everett, too! He looks great! And Karen, always beautiful (even when making a face!!)

    Love you!