Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Painting Soiree ~

A lot of people have gotten on the "Annie Sloan" bandwagon ~ some more so than others. I've done a few projects, including this one.

I had gotten this buffet at a local antique store and when the paint was first available at Grandiflora ,  I decided to tackle the piece. I wasn't thrilled with the paint ~ very expensive, took 3 coats, brush strokes, etc. I really didn't know anything about the paint except that you didn't have to prime first. That was enough for me ! But I certainly liked it better than what it was ! I didn't sand or wax it, as I don't use it much and I have a piece of glass for the top.

A year later I was at a couple of different craft shows where it was being demo'd and asked some questions. I bought a little tray to use as a visual and another 6 months or so went by. Fast forward to the upcoming wedding and I thought I'd try some trays, candle holders, frames and such.

Ummmm .... Now? I love it ! What a difference it makes to learn a few things about how it works and how to use it ! I am in a bit of an " old white " rut, but I figure white goes with everything, right ?

Yesterday my friends Tami, Shelly, Chris and I got together for a painting day in Chris's studio. We all had numerous projects we wanted to work on. Shelly had the back of her car pretty full !!

Chris gave me a tour of her "garage", which is full of amazing furniture and projects just waiting for her special touch. I was just a bit envious !

Shelly came prepared with champagne and real champagne glasses...none of that plastic stuff !
Everyone, but me brought snacks , which were delicious ! I brought gifts , but honestly there is no food in my home anymore ~ they would not want me to bring anything edible !

 I rarely drink , like maybe once a year , and I don't even like champagne , but Shelly put something extra special in this and boy howdy was it good ! You may or may not notice my nearly empty glass sitting with my goodies !

Chris worked on these gorgeous candlesticks, and the pretty blue frames in the background.

 Shelly was painting a silver tray and a really neat round, wooden box.

I have been wanting to paint a mason jar and I have a bunch of metal frames. I LOVE the Arles yellow ~ swoonable !

A little cheese plate with a stencil ~

Tami was in heaven ! This silver pedestal got a coat of  " Duck Egg  ", some wax , and then a lovely silver mixed wax on top. It turned out beautifully ! She also did the luggage rack and the cuckoo clock that you can just see in the bottom of the picture.

It was so fun hanging out with these gals and seeing everyone's creativity pop out !

Must do again soon !!!

I do believe the jar was my favorite !

Needless to say, I went to Grandiflora and stocked up on some paint today. Can't wait to play !


  1. My opinion on the paint is the same as your intial one. What changed your mind? Any tips or tricks you will share?

    I'm beggin' ya!!!! ;)

  2. Great transformation on your buffet! It looks wonderful and it sounds like you all had such a fun day!!

  3. I'm cheap.

    I just use acrylic still.

    But I love that mason jar!