Monday, June 10, 2013

Farm Chicks 2013

Another wonderful year at The Farm Chicks has come and gone. It never disappoints!

The four of us have such a good time together. I am so blessed to call these wonderful ladies "friends". They are fun, loving, lovely and Godly women. It's hard to decide which is more fun...the show or the trip back and forth!

We had such a wonderful time going to Spokane. Lots of laughs, lots of stories, lots and lots of prayer. We all have something (s) on our hearts that is causing us worry or pain or fear and these women all step right up and start praying mid-conversation, turning everything over to the One that heals all our pain. I'm so thankful for these amazing ladies!

As soon as we cross the mountains into Eastern Washington, you can't help but notice how big the sky is! I think I take a picture like this every time I go over there!!! Such beauty ~ such magnificence!


We had some stories to share along the way, and while one person got this sign, it applied to all of us. We are virtuous women, we are!

We went to our favorite place, Maggie's South Hill Grill, for dinner on Friday night. The food there is so amazing! A butternut squash soup to die for, delectable salads, and this divine artichoke dip, that was worthy of a picture!

If you are ever in Spokane, you must have a meal there!

We got up quite early, as there was not an early ticket option this year. Got to the Fairgrounds at about 7 am, but the line was quite short. Lynda and I went back to the hotel while Terry and Karen waited in line. Went back for our stitcheries so we could work on something for the next two hours!

Our traditional pictures ~ a little chalk art and the feet!

The bracelets !

 Special thanks to Grandiflora for giving me tickets for both days of the show!

 Ready to shop!

Paint in my Hair booth ~

Adorable signage~

Adorable lights ~

Really cute displays ~

 These lovely ladies ~

Love this sign ~

Great lighting ideas ~

I see these ladies every year and had to inquire. I usually see them doing this on Sunday morning.

Every year they attend with their friends. At 1:00 on Saturday they have a little tailgate lunch. On Saturday they have a tailgate breakfast. Such a sweet idea !

Beautiful display, and they were just getting started !

We left the show around 12:30 and went for lunch. Terry had lunch with a friend, while the rest of us had a quick lunch together.  Then we went to downtown Spokane for a little shopping. I wanted to take the girls to "Pink Salvage Gallery", a really great shop. I love the ladies there! They were so sweet and helpful and a fount of information!

A few of the things I really liked ~

Great signage !

We also went to the  "Two Women" antique store. I actually ran into an old friend there. Jennifer and I went all through school together. Should have taken a picture !

Saw a neat graphic on a wall at a business. Karen owns a lab and I am hoping she does something like this at her place !

We had such fun !!! Went to Chaps to have dinner, but in the end decided to go back to Maggie's ! We weren't disappointed!

I also got to spend a little time with my new great nephew, who is utterly adorable !  Next post !

Here are a few of my treasures from the show ~

I got some old yard tools and really neat vintage hand cart that are sitting outside, but this was mostly it! The pots are planted, the clipboard is hanging, the shirt is in the closet and the ice cream maker is sitting on the porch !

Looking forward to next year!


  1. Oh, am so delighted that you all enjoyed yourselves!!!! Would love to have gone comes in the way sometime!! Here's to next year!!!!

  2. Thanks for all of the pictures Holly! Farm Chicks is on my "Someday" list - I love seeing all of the great displays of fun stuff ;-)

  3. Great haul! How wonderful to share a special day every year with such good friends!

  4. What a wonderful tradition for you and your friends. I love the plaid bunting.
    Some year I'm going to make it to the Farm Chicks Show... It won't be next year though, we have a June wedding in MI. Maybe 2015?

  5. Terry is looking good!!! She's going to be pleased. It's great to relive this wonderful weekend all over again. You are our historian, Holly Anne. Can't wait to see where all your fun stuff landed.