Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Part 2 of our fun little road trip took us into Tennessee. This is where I really wanted to go! There are a few places I think I would enjoy living ...New England, Montana and Tennessee. I love Montana, but I've never spent time in the other places. And while I still think I could live in Tennessee, I really do like it here best!

Picture heavy ... be forewarned!

We drove into town Friday afternoon and headed straight for the Grand Ole' Opry Hotel. Gorgeous!

 We contemplated going to the Grand Ole' Opry, but would have had to sit apart so we decided not to go. Vince Gill was playing...I love Vince Gill ~ maybe next time! Kellie Pickler and Rascal Flats play on June 4 if you happen to be in the area !

Headed downtown after that. Nashville isn't a real big city, so it was pretty easy to get around. Everything is pretty focused on this area. Vanderbilt University is right here too.

Found our way to Broadway where all the music happens. Live music at every place, people trying to make it big!

I loved all the bright lights and quirky signs ! We drove through the area, but didn't stop anywhere. Recording studios abound ...

I like the one in this old house !

I kind of wish now, that we had gotten out and walked around, but we're really not into the smokey bar scene. So after driving around we went and found our hotel...much nicer than the last!!!

And then ...... FRANKLIN !!!! My favorite!!

Next time !


  1. It sounds like you had a great time!!!

  2. I love the Ernest Tubb sign!

    I haven't been to TN in years! I'd like to go back someday!

    Such a neat time you had!

  3. Ooh, it's on my list to visit and I love, love, love the fun signs! Also appreciated the nudge to shop local and save small town America. Thanks for the tour!

  4. How awesome! My first husbands parents lived in TN for some years. We visited when the girls were young but cannot remember which large town we went to the zoo, childrens museum...been a very long time ago.