Friday, May 29, 2009

The Week in Review

Crazy week here at the Stockman home! I'll work my way back as usually I forget where I'm going!

Last night I had Bunco at my house. For those of you who don't know Bunco, it's essentially ladie's poker night but with dice rather than cards. It's pretty mindless, unless you're keeping score, so it enables us to chat and visit and catch up with one-another. The core group has been together for almost 11 years and it is always a highlight of our month. There are 12 of us, so each of us hosts once a year. We all pay $10.00 and in turn get a full meal, including dessert and a great prize.
Last night I serverd chicken kabobs, garlic bread, fruit salad and a garden salad and for dessert had rhubarb-raspberry crisp with ice cream. Everything was so good and special thanks to hubby, the BB-Q master!!! We were feeling very chatty and decided to skip playing all together

We took a tour of the house, yard and garden , chatted with each other and just enjoyed the blessing of our friendships. Thanks ladies, for coming and especially for being such dear friends. I love you all!!

Got the rest of my garden planted this week. Brian worked hard getting it all rototilled for me and I got it strung and planted. It's always quite the thought process deciding where each thing should go. I try not to plant anything in the same place to give the soil a chance to heal and build itself back up.

Oop's! Meant to put the other half of the garden in, I'll try to add it but it will probably go to the top. My pics just aren't meant to be in order I guess!
Memorial Day weekend was beautiful! Brian did the canoe leg in Ski to Sea and he and his partner finished 47th out of 400 teams. Not bad for no practice!!! Brian has a bulging disc in his back which has been giving him a lot of grief , so the only way he'd consent to being on the Haggen team was if he didn't have to practice!!! He felt great and his back didn't bother him at all.
Went to the team party that night and enjoyed every one's stories. My favorite... his canoeing partner, an accountant for Haggen, plays in a blue grass band on the side. A lot!!! He plays Banjo and when his son is home, he joins him on the mandolin. I looove the mandolin. In fact, I own one, but have no clue how to play it!!! But now I'm a little more motivated! Oh, and Lynda has a Banjo. She also has no clue!!

Two exciting announcements:
My cousin's son, Nick, just got accepted into Harvard Law School!!! How awesome is that? Way to go Nick!!
My SIL Meagan, just got juried into a huge art/studio tour on Bainbridge Island in August. I'm so excited for her . She is so talented and has really been praying for God to open some doors for her so she can get her business off the ground. You can see some of her paintings at Take a look!
Last, but definitely not least, the Farmchicks ( is only a week away!!!! Lynda, Terry and I got together to work on our scrapbook from last years show. Lynda made a great peach pie and we had a grand old time!!! Karen is joining us this year and we can't wait to show her around!!!

Okay, so that wasn't the last thing! I'm also having a garage sale tomorrow!!!!! Still cleaning out the house, and the garage and the shop and have yet to price a thing!!! I think it will be a long night! Oh, and I've decided to post the garden later! Although every time I say I'll post "more pics later" I never do. Sorry!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's what friends are for

We're getting ready to remodel a small portion of our home...opening up the wall between the living and dining and between the living and kitchen. I know, sort of, what I want,but have a hard time explaining verbally. So, I collect pictures and ideas and beg friends to open up their homes so I can physically see things and how they're done.

Yesterday I went over to my friend, Traci's for a tour. On the way I passed this adorable house and did a slow, drive-by photo shoot!!! Hope no one was home!

Traci graciously opened her home and showed me every inch!! Her home is beautiful and in the most peaceful setting. Canadian Rockies and Mt. Baker views, raspberry fields across the street, cows in the back pasture. Three acres of God's creation!

I walked into her kitchen and the coveting began. (I've been doing a lot of that lately.) I really want to change my dark cabinets to cream and seeing hers made me more sure than ever! She painted her island black and sanded the edges. It looks really nice! I want to do the same to my island, only in red.

Living Room

Can't remember which son's room this is but he loves maps and his aunt painted this mural ,and another, on his walls. My SIL does this too!

Family/Play room

She sent me home with her "dream book of ideas". Lots of pics, etc. She and I have very similar taste and have collected many of the same pictures!!! It was such a fun time, thanks Traci! Best part is that I am now considered a "drop-in guest" and I can come by anytime!!! Love that!!!!
On Sunday, B and I went for a drive, sans camera, and stopped at another beautiful home. Mitch and Karen just built their house and their builder is someone we're considering . They were outside and graciously offered us a tour. I was drooling when we finally left!!! I get so inspired by what people come up, colors, flooring,etc. It's really made me want to get going on this project!
Met with the designer/builder last night and I think we're on to something!!!!
Thanks everyone, for sharing your homes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Home

On Saturday Teri, Lynda and I went to the happiest place on, not Disneyland! Even better! We love to garage sale at a particular home in Lynden and always come away with incredible treasures. We love everything about this home! The yard is decorated in every area and we have been known to peek through the windows a time or two! This time we mentioned that we HAD to see the inside of the house someday. As it turned out, the house is for sale and an open house was scheduled for that afternoon!! She said to come on back and boy did we jump on that offer!!!

Cameras in hand, we met at 1:00 for the tour of a lifetime! We three love all things primitive and we were not disappointed in any way!!!
I actually own a washer like this, although it is still in Spokane, but now I know what to do with it! She has black eyed susans seeded in here. I will copy !!!

A little greeting when you come to the front door!

Beautiful fireplace and notice all the cute little quilts!

This is the entry, so welcoming! I covet this cupboard!

I too have an old fashioned laundry room, but can never show it now that you've seen this one! No comparison!!!!

Cute little jelly cupboard in the family room.

We all want to buy this home, completely decorated and have it as our get-away! Maybe for an hour, maybe for a weekend. Wouldn't it be fun to have a place like this to gather with your girlfriends for stitching every Thursday afternoon? Maybe girls movie night on the first Friday night of the month? Only sappy girl movies, Kleenex box required!
What do you think? Would other ladies be interested in something like that? We could have a pot of soup simmering on the stove and a loaf of fresh-baked bread awaiting your arrival! Sleep overs, mom and daughter weekends, the possibilities are endless!
The poor real estate guy thought he'd hit the jack-pot with us girls! Had to do a little explaining!!!!
I did get a few things at her sale, but now I want everything else too!!!!
Good-bye happy little home of joy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunny Days

A beautiful day today after many rainy ones. The grass and weeds grew mightily during this time and both were beckoning me outdoors! I was chatting with Lynda and invited her over to "sit upon a quilt and stitch" while I weeded. She arrived, not so promptly, but with her cute skirt and Mary Jane shoes. We had a lovely chat and it was breathtakingly beautiful to be outside.

After a bit we went in for lunch. Should have taken a pic of our beautiful salad...fresh greens, strawberries, radishes, green onions, toasted pecans, goat cheese and a great balsamic dressing that Lynda whipped up. Ate outside and then headed off to the nursery where we strolled through all the plants, and bought a few too!!!! So nice to carve out a bit of the day to be with friends.
Brian and Lynda's husband Roger, went for a killer bike ride this morning so the boys had their time too!!!!
Got home and did some more weeding (did I mention I have a very LARGE yard?) When Tyler got home from school we had our favorite treat, steamed artichokes...YUM!!! I did more weeding!!!
Ashleigh and Brian are in Seattle at the Mariner game and Tyler is at a lock-in at church so I'm having a girls night in with myself!!! I did ride my bike to meet my other friend, also Linda, and go for a long walk. Nice to catch up and get some exercise too. Now I'm at the computer, but soon to be catching up on the Gilmore Girls and making some hot tea.
A perfect Day:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Me

Once again, I'm having technical difficulties. I have 2 more pictures to load and it won't let me! May have to post twice, as a very, perhaps the most important, picture is missing!!!

I as so blessed to have two great friends in my life. You've already met Lynda, but you haven't met my SIL ,Meagan. She is an awesome and wonderful person and is truly my sister ( SIL stands for sister-in-love you know?!) She lived in Chicago for almost 20 years, but we talked everyday, sometimes more, on the phone, visited when we could and have always been very close. Two years ago she and her family moved back to the Pac-NW and now I can see her anytime!!!!

We spent Mom's Day weekend down at their place and had the best time! I love this girl!!! Meagan is a very gifted artist and recently did some paintings based on some things she found and took pictures of at my house. This is my shed in the middle of my garden, but I couldn't get the pic up-will try again.
The picture below is of the wheelbarrows at the back of my shop near the wood pile. The red one has been moved. This, below, is what I see, and above is what she sees. Big difference!!!! Isn't it beautiful?

Also, my trusty g-sale bike, and again through Meagan's eyes!

She has this series of three at a gallery on Bainbridge Island and has also had them made into cards, which I was blessed to receive on Mom's Day!!!!

I love you sweet sister!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky Me

Well, you're getting some repeats, but I relly wanted you to see this sweet girl! She is the best!

Monday, May 4, 2009

More signs of spring

Had to get some pictures of the pretty blooms happening right now! Many things in my yard did not make it through the winter and need to be replaced, but not these beauties! Apple blossoms and something else, yellow rose of Texas maybe? Pretty none the less!

Got a fancy new bike at the Joe's close-out. I love it!! Dig the fenders and the holder on the back. Just need a nice wicker basket and a little bell-Tami has them at the museum. How cheerful to be riding your bike, a basket full of stitchin' and ringing the bell! Perhaps I'll put on a straw hat and do it up right! Small children will scatter and scream at the crazy lady, but that's okay!!!!

Put the porch swings out so we can do some front-porch sittin'! Great family times on those swings. The conversation and the laughter seem to flow a bit easier when we're there.
Happy birthdays to my dad and my nephew! My dad turned 69 today, and yesterday he did his 32nd Bloomsday run in Spokane. Almost 8 miles and a very nasty hill (called Doomsday Hill). He doesn't run all year, but manages to go out every year and do this. Did I mention he smokes like a chimney? I would surely pass out after the first mile!!! We used to do this run as a family when I was growing up and would have a big party afterwards. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, but not Mom! Not her thing, but she did all the party stuff! Good memories, those running days!

Spent the afternoon with Lynda today. Started at Folk Tales quilt shop and then to her house for some lunch and quilting. Just a few hours, but blessed hours. We girls need our girl/friend time. It's rejuvinating and uplifting. Good for the soul and mind, a blessing indeed!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I really need to figure out the order of loading my pictures!!! The last is first and the first is last!
Brian and I just got back from Arizona from the Western Association of Food Chains Convention, in Scottsdale. This is an annual event for retailers, venders, manufacturers and anyone else related to the grocery industry. It is very focused on education and raises a lot of money for scholarships. Now this may sound boring on paper, but in reality it is very fun...for me!!!!
We were privileged to take the corporate jet this trip. I never want to fly commercial again!!!
Just a little 8 seater and only 4 of us on the plane, so quite comfortable! We got to the airport 15 minutes before security, no removing of clothing, free parking. Lovely box lunches provided by Haggen, drinks, games, you name it!! Our pilots were Milo-picked this one out for Ashleigh! Only 26, a pilot (figured I could benefit from this as well!) and polite and adorable!!! And Terry-very entertaining and full of information. Pointed out everything and gave us history on areas and landmarks. He's a grandpa, so too old for Ash!!! Three hours later we arrive in Scottsdale with a car waiting for us. 4 1/2 hours total from our house to the hotel! Definitely the way to go!! Oh yea, no bag limits!!! We also got to chose our departure times. The good life for sure!!!!

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott at Desert Ridge and it was beautiful! Amazing landscaping, lots of water features, and 5 gorgeous pools, including the Lazy River!

This fountain is in one of the pools and you can stand or play in it. Features like this are all over.

They even have a vegetable and herb garden which is, of course, dear to my heart!

We had an intimate dinner hosted by Don and Kathy Haggen the first night we were there. It was amazing, so, so good!!!

Brian had meetings with vendors every day, so he was working almost the entire time. I, however, tried to get as much sun as possible and had a very relaxing vacation. Lot's of pool time, finished 2 books and thank goodness for ipods, as I really find laying in the sun quite boring!
I did listen to some of the morning speakers. A great one, was Eric Chester who coined the term "Generation Y" (1980-1994) or Generation Why? as he likes to say. Both of my kids fit in this range and it was fascinating to hear him speak of this group. He is a motivational speaker and has studied this group extensively. He has a few books out, which I am currently reading. Check him out!! Also listened to Louisville basketball coach, Rick Pitino. What an amazing man and incredible coach. He talked a lot about how we deal with people, relationships, motivation and really doing our best. Wish I had a recording of that one
Hospitality suites every night with Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diagio and others. So fun and well done! Goodies in our room every day, great food, wonderful dinners. They really do a great job and we are so blessed to be included.
Back to reality, but it was good while it lasted!