Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Home

On Saturday Teri, Lynda and I went to the happiest place on, not Disneyland! Even better! We love to garage sale at a particular home in Lynden and always come away with incredible treasures. We love everything about this home! The yard is decorated in every area and we have been known to peek through the windows a time or two! This time we mentioned that we HAD to see the inside of the house someday. As it turned out, the house is for sale and an open house was scheduled for that afternoon!! She said to come on back and boy did we jump on that offer!!!

Cameras in hand, we met at 1:00 for the tour of a lifetime! We three love all things primitive and we were not disappointed in any way!!!
I actually own a washer like this, although it is still in Spokane, but now I know what to do with it! She has black eyed susans seeded in here. I will copy !!!

A little greeting when you come to the front door!

Beautiful fireplace and notice all the cute little quilts!

This is the entry, so welcoming! I covet this cupboard!

I too have an old fashioned laundry room, but can never show it now that you've seen this one! No comparison!!!!

Cute little jelly cupboard in the family room.

We all want to buy this home, completely decorated and have it as our get-away! Maybe for an hour, maybe for a weekend. Wouldn't it be fun to have a place like this to gather with your girlfriends for stitching every Thursday afternoon? Maybe girls movie night on the first Friday night of the month? Only sappy girl movies, Kleenex box required!
What do you think? Would other ladies be interested in something like that? We could have a pot of soup simmering on the stove and a loaf of fresh-baked bread awaiting your arrival! Sleep overs, mom and daughter weekends, the possibilities are endless!
The poor real estate guy thought he'd hit the jack-pot with us girls! Had to do a little explaining!!!!
I did get a few things at her sale, but now I want everything else too!!!!
Good-bye happy little home of joy!

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