Monday, May 4, 2009

More signs of spring

Had to get some pictures of the pretty blooms happening right now! Many things in my yard did not make it through the winter and need to be replaced, but not these beauties! Apple blossoms and something else, yellow rose of Texas maybe? Pretty none the less!

Got a fancy new bike at the Joe's close-out. I love it!! Dig the fenders and the holder on the back. Just need a nice wicker basket and a little bell-Tami has them at the museum. How cheerful to be riding your bike, a basket full of stitchin' and ringing the bell! Perhaps I'll put on a straw hat and do it up right! Small children will scatter and scream at the crazy lady, but that's okay!!!!

Put the porch swings out so we can do some front-porch sittin'! Great family times on those swings. The conversation and the laughter seem to flow a bit easier when we're there.
Happy birthdays to my dad and my nephew! My dad turned 69 today, and yesterday he did his 32nd Bloomsday run in Spokane. Almost 8 miles and a very nasty hill (called Doomsday Hill). He doesn't run all year, but manages to go out every year and do this. Did I mention he smokes like a chimney? I would surely pass out after the first mile!!! We used to do this run as a family when I was growing up and would have a big party afterwards. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, but not Mom! Not her thing, but she did all the party stuff! Good memories, those running days!

Spent the afternoon with Lynda today. Started at Folk Tales quilt shop and then to her house for some lunch and quilting. Just a few hours, but blessed hours. We girls need our girl/friend time. It's rejuvinating and uplifting. Good for the soul and mind, a blessing indeed!


  1. Sweet ride sista. Wow. We are definitely going riding at Birch Bay this summer. Max and Tyler can long board. We had a lot of fun doing that last summer. It's something my teen will actually do with their mother.

    Your flowers and porch look all Springified, very lovely.

  2. I want to come sit in one of those swings and inviting.
    Love the bike...fat tires.
    Happy spring.

  3. I agree - girlfriend time is a necessity!! Love the bike - ride on down for a latte' sometime!!