Friday, May 1, 2009


I really need to figure out the order of loading my pictures!!! The last is first and the first is last!
Brian and I just got back from Arizona from the Western Association of Food Chains Convention, in Scottsdale. This is an annual event for retailers, venders, manufacturers and anyone else related to the grocery industry. It is very focused on education and raises a lot of money for scholarships. Now this may sound boring on paper, but in reality it is very fun...for me!!!!
We were privileged to take the corporate jet this trip. I never want to fly commercial again!!!
Just a little 8 seater and only 4 of us on the plane, so quite comfortable! We got to the airport 15 minutes before security, no removing of clothing, free parking. Lovely box lunches provided by Haggen, drinks, games, you name it!! Our pilots were Milo-picked this one out for Ashleigh! Only 26, a pilot (figured I could benefit from this as well!) and polite and adorable!!! And Terry-very entertaining and full of information. Pointed out everything and gave us history on areas and landmarks. He's a grandpa, so too old for Ash!!! Three hours later we arrive in Scottsdale with a car waiting for us. 4 1/2 hours total from our house to the hotel! Definitely the way to go!! Oh yea, no bag limits!!! We also got to chose our departure times. The good life for sure!!!!

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott at Desert Ridge and it was beautiful! Amazing landscaping, lots of water features, and 5 gorgeous pools, including the Lazy River!

This fountain is in one of the pools and you can stand or play in it. Features like this are all over.

They even have a vegetable and herb garden which is, of course, dear to my heart!

We had an intimate dinner hosted by Don and Kathy Haggen the first night we were there. It was amazing, so, so good!!!

Brian had meetings with vendors every day, so he was working almost the entire time. I, however, tried to get as much sun as possible and had a very relaxing vacation. Lot's of pool time, finished 2 books and thank goodness for ipods, as I really find laying in the sun quite boring!
I did listen to some of the morning speakers. A great one, was Eric Chester who coined the term "Generation Y" (1980-1994) or Generation Why? as he likes to say. Both of my kids fit in this range and it was fascinating to hear him speak of this group. He is a motivational speaker and has studied this group extensively. He has a few books out, which I am currently reading. Check him out!! Also listened to Louisville basketball coach, Rick Pitino. What an amazing man and incredible coach. He talked a lot about how we deal with people, relationships, motivation and really doing our best. Wish I had a recording of that one
Hospitality suites every night with Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diagio and others. So fun and well done! Goodies in our room every day, great food, wonderful dinners. They really do a great job and we are so blessed to be included.
Back to reality, but it was good while it lasted!


  1. Well, I'm glad you're back home and now that you are, I can treat you to a ride in a paper airplane, a dip in the kiddy pool, I even have a lazy bath tub, an intimate dinner hosted by my cat Coco, I will lecture on Generation PIE, followed by a motivational speech by Madi on the blessings of finishing your homework on Friday nights before dinner. It will be as if you never left.
    Love, Betty Comfort

  2. My, that is pretty hoity toity. No sense in us trying to keep up with the Joneses. The private jet, pools, time alone, time with your husband, dinners made by others, yep, I'm green with envy.

    Glad you had a nice break!

  3. Sounds AMAZING! I feel much better knowing you're back home :-)!! Just kidding! Do you get to do this once a year?? I'm available to chaperone and Don and I could talk about the ol' days!!