Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring is here and the yard work begins!

Driver's Ed is starting up next month for Tyler. When I was his age, Driver's Ed was a class during school. I actually got credit for this class on my transcript! I believe I paid $25 or $30 for this class. When Ashleigh took it 5 years ago the cost was $200 and it was three nights a week for about a month. It is now $400!!!!! We made Ashleigh pay for half of her class and Tyler has to do the same. It's a little harder to come up with that kind of money when you don't have a job and you spent all of your savings on a drum set!!!

Solution: Mom will pay $5/hr. for work above and beyond normal chores. Doesn't sound like much, but after all, I feed and clothe him and don't charge any rent!!!!

Now, he claims he worked about six hours (he tends to exaggerate) so I keep close tabs on his time. He also pauses a lot during his labors to pet the cat, get a drink, twirl the rake, etc.!!! As you can see, Dad's pile is getting some size to it, Tyler's not so much. He thinks I should award him for creativity and claims it takes a lot more work to do this

than just raking a random pile! What do you think? Should I pay him for the 3 hours ?
He is adorable, that Tyler Man! Only 37 hours to go!!

He's looking over my shoulder and telling me that he did indeed work for 5 0r 6 hours. This included helping me carry stuff to the shop, making me laugh, almost pumping gas, as he loaded the can into the car and a multitude of other things. He just wanted you all to know that and that he's a "stud-muffin"...his words, not mine.


  1. Yea! we don't have a yard-that can be good and bad..

  2. seriously, you need to pay the kid SOMETHING for making you laugh!!
    that's worth about $2.50. :)

  3. First of all I love your yard....and heck, give the kid three hours worth - in a flash he'll be out of the house and you would pay him a large amount just to come back and do something great like spell his name in the grass.
    I am a softie.
    Especially about sons...
    Love this post.

  4. Pay him a large bonus for creativity. I love his name in weeds and grass. I say up it to $8 an hour, otherwise he may go and get a real job.
    And you would miss him and his wit around the house. I miss Max.

    We too are mean parents and made our guys pay for half of driver's education. Driving is a huge responsibility and they may as well learn that from the get go.

    And Tyler, I tried... to get you the raise you so richly deserve!

  5. im pretty sure u should give ur son $15 an hour and not make him pay for any of drivers ed cuz he sounds like a major stud muffin to me

  6. By the way this is a different Tyler than ur son

  7. Hi Holly! Just found your blog off of Tami's! I agree - pay him for the laughs and creativity - our next boy is leaving in 4 1/2 months for Whitworth - Emily's not so thrilled to have us all to herself!!

  8. As a card holding Tyler fan, I think he should get $10 a raked letter and a steak dinner!!! He also could branch out and teach us the Hoedown Throwdown--starting prices $20/hour /person. Can you just see it? Tyler Stockman, dance instructor. (can also make coffee)
    Yards looking really good, Holly; you're off to a good start!!!