Monday, April 13, 2009


Ashleigh and Madi reading Madi's "teen" magazines.
Amsa surprising Tyler!

Roger playing the drums to Tyler's fav. music. Tyler plays too, but wanted to hear how the professional does it!!

Keaton:" Yes, of course you can take my picture!"
Tyler: "Don't even think about it!"

Roger and Tyler, some serious topics!

The Spread!!

Phone conversation:
Holly: If I bring the ham, can we have Easter at your house?
Lynda: Um, let me think about that!! I'll get back to you.
Lynda: No!!
Holly: No problem!
Lynda: Okay , yes, we'd love to have you over!!!!

So went the phone conversations between Lynda and I! I always host Easter at my house, usually about 20 people, but didn't feel up to it this year, hence the blatant request for an invitation to Lynda and Roger's! Lynda is the Director of Children's Ministries at Sonlight and Easter weekend is pretty busy for her so I understood her "No" completely!!! After all, I had just invited myself and 3 others!!!! Honesty is a wonderful part of our friendship, so this was no problem!!!
The next day she called back and said we were on, but we both agreed that it was okay if everything fell through at the last minute! And we would only get together for a few hours. We need guidelines after all!!!
Brian, Tyler and I went to church on Sat. night. They were expecting 6000 people for the 5 services and Pastor Grant asked the regulars to come on Sat. night. It was kind of nice!!! It was pouring rain on Sun., we were home and cozy. No Easter egg hunts at my house anymore, so it was very relaxing...for me and Tyler!!! Brian went to the church for a few hours and helped with parking and Ashleigh went to her regular service.
We went to the Burkes at 2:30 and had a great, yummy, wonderful dinner! We always have such a good time with the Burkes. Great friends, great hosts, great conversation!!
Amsa kept us all entertained! She is so joyful and adorable! I got the pleasure of painting her nails, pink, like mine! Tyler had Roger playing the drums for him, to his music! Ashleigh and Madi looked at teen magazines, fun to go back and do that once in awhile! We watched Roger's amazing video that he made about Amsa's adoption from Ethiopia. Keaton and Ty played some X-box and then Keaton fell asleep on the floor with 8 peoples talking all around him! (Sorry Keaton, I couldn't resist!!!)
We had a great time and while we said we'd only stay for 2 hours, we stayed for 3!!! Typical!
Thank you , Burke Family, for a special and memorable Easter!!!


  1. Holly,
    I just love your blog. It's great to be woven into your life because so much of what you do is what I do. We were so happy to have the honorable Stockman family over for Easter. I highly recommend their company to all of Holly's readers especially if Holly is bringing the ham. It's better than bacon! Let's not get together- get together again and again. xoxoxoBetty

  2. next year, i'm SSSOOOOO inviting myself to the Burkes house too or will the party be at YOUR house??? :)