Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Country Music Awards

Okay, so I just figured out that with my good camera, my pictures post out of order and with my little camera they come as I set them. Why is that?
Anyway... We had a great time in Vegas! We got there around 2:00 and decided to walk the strip before our evening activities. What a skeazy place! Do Not, I repeat, Do Not take your children to this city!! It truly is sin city. Enough said!

The first pic is of myself and Chuck Wicks. His biggest hit is probably "Stealing Cinderella" and he is an amazing singer. He put on an hour concert for us the first night at our dinner. Cozy little venue where we could walk right up to him. We sat 2 tables back from the stage!

If you don't follow country music, but follow Dancing with the Stars, he is Jullianne Hough's partner. She also sings country and got an award for best new female vocalist. Anyway , she came in for part of the show, standing with the rest of us, when he called her up to the stage. No make-up, regular clothes and just a bitty little thing. She was so cute. They are a couple in real life, by the way!

After his concert he stuck around signing autographs, having pics taken and just talking with everyone. He was there for 2-3 hours. Remember, this guy is also rehearsing for D.w.t.S. which airs 2 days later!

Country singers are so awesome! Genuine, down home, humble, sweet, kind and so thankful that they get to do what they do. We had a blast!
Oh, I forgot. When we walked into this event another band was playing, and they called up everyone who knew the Electric Slide to come on up!!! I LOVE the Electric Slide and saddled on up to the front! What fun! Hubby's not much into dancing so I like these one's that I can do by myself! I knew that I was going to have a good time after that song! (Yes, I was thinking of you Auntie M!!!)
More pics and details to come!!!!
Good Night, Ya'll!!!!


  1. What fun, nightlife, dancing, stars, lucky you!
    Waiting for pics of you on the formal awards night...

  2. I thought of you while watching them! Glad you had a good time.