Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Friends

Our friends, Rick and Carol Harrison, came up for a visit last night. Rick and Brian have been friends since they were kids, while Carol and I joined in during the "girlfriend" stage!

Rick is the "cruise director" of the high school buddies, always keeping in touch with everyone, organizing the annual golf game, and Thanksgiving day football game. He and Brian went to Arizona a few weeks ago to see another friend from H.S., they went to the SuperBowl together when Seattle was in it. Lots of good times and lots of good memories!

Last night they went mountain bike riding with our friend Roger Burke and some others. Totally a Rick and Brian thing...totally not mine or Carol's!!! The girls, Ashleigh included, took Carol on a tour of beautiful Lynden! Drove through town, pointed out all of the "hot spots"!!! Then we took a walk on the trail and dropped by Lynda's. After all, our husbands were becoming friends so Carol and Lynda needed that same opportunity!!! Lynda was a gracious host as always, letting us drop in unannounced!!

On our way home we ran into Cindy Louws, wife of our mayor, Jack. We had a lovely visit with her! Her daughter went to SPU, like Ashleigh, and had the same major, so Cindy had all kinds of tips for Ash.

We finally made it back home, had some dinner and more great conversation before they had to leave. Such a fun visit! We are so blessed by the friends we have in our lives!!!

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