Friday, February 18, 2011

A Winning Season

After a year of not playing basketball, (which nearly did me in!) Tyler decided to play again this year. Not school ball, but a rec league team with a bunch of his friends. Lots of fun, very little (if any) pressure, practice one day a week and one game a week. Much better than the intensity and commitment of school ball.

They only lost one game all season, to a team that they had beaten once before. Last night it came down to those two teams for the championship. The score was pretty close at half-time, but Team Fixius came out on top!!
They guys were pretty happy! They even got trophies!!

Tyler hasn't had one of these since 3rd grade baseball!!

His mama loved watching him play ball again!!!
Congratulations guys!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm in a funk. A garage sale funk.
Don't get me wrong, I love garage sales!! Love them.

But I've come to the realization that most of my house is thrown together with garage sale items and not all things go together.
Take my sewing room for example. Now my sewing room is one of my most favorite rooms. I love to sit up there surrounded by amazing views...and FABRIC!!But nothing matches, nor is it very functional. It works, but not great. Those tables, the old sewing machine the metal cart and the tv are from garage sales. The shelf is from a friend. The old toy box was made for my dad, by his grandpa, when he was just a little boy. I love that toy box! It holds all my wool!

I got this hutch a few summers ago. I have a computer armoire that goes with it, but they do not share the same room. I do love the butter yellow colored leather chair. Got that on Bainbridge with my SIL.
These red shelves are old Yankee Candle displays from a store in town. I painted them red and use them to store my fabric. I really like this shelving, except for the fact that some of my fabric has faded from the sun. I try and keep the blinds closed when I'm not in there, but I love light and often forget!!

So I've been researching furniture for my room. I love off white and need things to be functional, but pretty too! And not a hodge podge of furnishings! I thought about Pottery Barn's office furniture. It's classic, looks great and I can piece together exactly what I want. It was very expensive however so I kept looking. Found some things at a local store, but it wasn't very well made, which explained the cheap price. Then I found this:
I love everything about this line, except that I can't see it in person! I was planning on ordering a piece a month, but everything is back ordered until May, so I'm not sure how it's going to work. I orderd the desk as it was the least expensive piece and they were offering free shipping on desks! I'm so excited to put this all together!!!
I'm keeping the red shelves, because they are just so spunky!! Especially when my fabric is all neat and tidy!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pioneer Woman, my Bud...

Those of you who follow my blog know that I met Ree, The Pioneer Woman, last year at a book signing and we became instant friends. We discussed Spanx after all and you can't help but be friends after a conversation of that nature!

She left out the reason for her spanx though. I assumed it had something to do with having children, growing older, gravity and such things. I now know that it has to do with the absurd amounts of butter in her recipes. And cream. Heavy cream.

I must admit that I've only made three of her recipes, although I've read her book cover to cover many times. I like to read cookbooks, but I'm not much for cooking out of them. Never made a single recipe from my Farm Chicks books, and although I have 30 Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, I've only made about five recipes.
I don't make a recipe unless it's tried and true by someone I know, has a beautiful picture, and doesn't have weird ingredients. My friend Lynda and my SIL Meagan try new recipes all the time and they turn out wonderfully, but I'm just not that brave.

Anyway, back to PW. I ventured out of my comfort zone and made her mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and I must say they were the Best Mashed Potatoes I've ever had!!! But I haven't tried anything since, although the book keeps opening to the cinnamon roll recipe! But when I was at Haggen on Friday I picked up some Rib-eye steaks with her recipe in mind. So last night I made her rib-eye's with whiskey onion sauce. But I didn't have whisky so I used brandy.

Holy Moly!!!!!!! This sauce is amazing!!!!! And full of butter. And heavy cream. And you cook the steaks in butter. We went through many napkins, what with all the drooling!

After dinner I was looking through her cookbook and came across her Maple Pecan Scones. It used half and half, but I had cream that had to be used up, so I substituted. And I don't like maple so I used almond flavoring. And there was butter involved. And the frosting had butter too, but it also called for whole milk, which is almost like cream, so I used that instead.Now I know why she wears spanx, and that I will be wearing them too. ASAP!!!

To top off the evening I finished her new book! I tried to read it slowly so I could drag it out and savor it, but that lasted one night! This book is so good! and funny!!! and steamy, but not revealing!!!! Still, I couldn't read it in broad daylight!! Had to wait til night, when it was dark and romantic!!! Should have lit a candle!!!!

And all of a sudden it was finished. done. kaput. Sadness enveloped the room. I hope she's writing a sequel. In the meantime I have scones. And I bought my own copy so I can read it over and over again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


While the rest of the country has been covered with ice and snow, here in the Pacific Northwest we've been treated to this...
Sunrise over Mt. Baker with the promise of a beautiful day!!
And at the end of that day we got to see this...

I guarantee that my camera did not do this justice. The colors were so vivid! God was working some serious magic with his paintbrush!!!!
I treated myself to an early Valentine's day goodie, courtesy of Lisa Leonard Designs! It was the mason jar that made me do it!!! It's so cute and I've worn it many times already. I added the charms to my other necklace that I have from her. She has such quality and beautiful jewelry and is so helpful too. Thanks Lisa!!

I finished this during the last Seahawks game. Things weren't going so well for the Hawks so I planted myself in my sewing room and tackled this job!!!! Lynda and I have been adding up how many unfinished projects we have and it wasn't pretty!!!! Of course I need to quilt this, which is my least favorite part, so I can't cross it off the list just yet, but it would be nice to get done for spring.

And, working at the library has it's benefits!!!! As soon as I knew Ree's book was coming out I put it on hold!! I got it yesterday and have only read the first chapter, as I have to finish another book, but this is going to be GOOD!!!!

Stay cozy!!! Spring is coming!!