Friday, February 18, 2011

A Winning Season

After a year of not playing basketball, (which nearly did me in!) Tyler decided to play again this year. Not school ball, but a rec league team with a bunch of his friends. Lots of fun, very little (if any) pressure, practice one day a week and one game a week. Much better than the intensity and commitment of school ball.

They only lost one game all season, to a team that they had beaten once before. Last night it came down to those two teams for the championship. The score was pretty close at half-time, but Team Fixius came out on top!!
They guys were pretty happy! They even got trophies!!

Tyler hasn't had one of these since 3rd grade baseball!!

His mama loved watching him play ball again!!!
Congratulations guys!!


  1. I miss watching my girls play sports. Hoping some of the grand kids get into sports since all their mommies did. Glad for you.

  2. our days are numbered watching our kids - someday we can watch grandchildren! Tyler's such a cutie pie!

  3. I am so happy to see Tyler played some Bball. It's great to see a city league for high school kids. *go tyler...

  4. Hey Holly, I came over just to say hey! I get your notes but I cannot reply to them so here I am. Thanks for coming by, are you having any spring weather yet? Our sun is shining today but the ground is still snow covered.