Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You are looking at the newest family member to be employed, and the third to currently be employed by Haggen http://www.haggen.com/.
I worked for Haggen when I was 18 and then again after Tyler started school. My husband has been working with them and for them for over 20 years! My daughter does data entry for them from home and now Tyler has joined the ranks!
Congratulations Tyler!
I'm sure you won't need to borrow money anymore, right??


  1. That is wonderful!! I hope he has fun!

  2. Good for Tyler! And you were right Holly the blue fabric is exactly what you said it was. I checked when I went downstairs. You know your fabric girl!

  3. Yeah Tyler! Emily is itching to get a job as soon as cheer is done! Hope she can find one! Gas money is a good thing - (Then she won't have to call people to come get her!) :)