Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost there...

We finally got our new computer...yea!!! So last night I sat down to blog, organized what pictures I wanted to post, went to load the pictures and "GASP" - there is no card reader on this thing! What is up with that????? Total frustration. We had a guy from my husbands work build this for us and he did amazing things!!!!! He's 23 and brilliant in the techy department. He obviously, does not have a blog, because he didn't cater this thing to my needs!!!!! I know nothing about computers, so did not feel it necessary to tell him how I wanted to use it. Hubby is contacting him today to see what's up. Thinking I'll have to buy a card reader. Thanks to everyone who continues to comment and leave me nice little notes though...you are too kind!!!! So, use your imagination ladies!!! This month: Celebrated 26 years of "wedded bliss" with my honey... Watched my "baby" turn 17... Watched my other "baby" turn 22... Had my 22 year old move back home... prayers please!!! Worked way too much... Went to Seabold Vintage Market with my sweet SIL and got some treasures... Got my new furniture for my sewing room, but alas, no time to sew... Mowed the lawn for the first time... Started taking my allergy pills... Got new glasses, a haircut and some highlights... Am off to Hawaii tomorrow with my honey, leaving the 17 and 22 year olds together...could be disastrous!!! Hope to be back soon...thanks for sticking with me!!


  1. Wow Wow Wow! I cannot wait to see all of this in color! Have a wonderful trip we have been missing you for sure!

  2. Label me jealous--enjoy your vacation and the Sunshine!!! Your responsible kids will do fine!!! I missed keeping up with your blog..
    Happy Anniversary!! (Better than having one in the middle of Raspberry season...)

  3. I'll keep my eyes posted down your end of the driveway - that's what we mom's do!! :) I have a card reader that plugs into a USB. I don't use it anymore if you want it! Let me know. Have an awesome trip to Hawaii!

  4. Have a great trip! We'll wait for you to get back and tell us all about it!