Monday, September 30, 2013

Finally !

I don't know where the time has gone, but it seems like the wedding was yesterday and here it is two months later. Finally able to get all the garden picked and processed, seems like I'm mowing the lawn twice a week now and my house needed a thorough cleaning ! I had a birthday last week and have enjoyed the lingering celebration with family and friends. I've started a new job with Grandiflora , which I'm really enjoying ! My son moved back home this weekend, I was blessed to help with the wedding of a sweet friend, and all the fall shows are back on !

I'm posting my pictures, but if you want to see the really good ones you need to go here to the Snapsister's blog. Jodi and Megan took amazing photos....mine don't even begin to compare!

The girls getting ready ~

Grandma gave Ashleigh something borrowed and something old ... her diamond earrings ~

The guys seemed to have a pretty good time !

 The Snapsister's took this picture ~

The Venue ~

Tyler got to escort these lovely ladies ~

And his mama too ! Lucky me !

Daddy and his little girl ~

The Snapsister's took some fun ones too !

So fun to have close family and friends to help celebrate !

 The Maid of Honor, Dani, and Best Man, Michael, both gave very sweet, heartwarming and funny speeches !

Michael said something funny, but I can't remember what it was !

First dance as Mr. and Mrs. Secules.

Brian and his little girl. They both chose "Return to Pooh Corner" as what they wanted their first dance to be. This song goes back to a lot of fun "Pooh" times when Ashleigh was a little girl.

Then the rest of us got to join in ! Lots of fun ! The Bride always gets to dance with everyone !

~ her brother ~

~ her Papa ~

~ her friends ~

~ her brother again ~

 ~ sweet Roger ~

Even Dad and Mom got out there and kicked up their heels !


A little "Time Warp" took place too !

Those lights, oh, how I loved those lights !

And two shall become one. A whole new family !

Don't forget to look at the Snapsister's blog for some really great photos!

Thanks for your patience too !