Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Bunco 2013~Favorite Things

Our Christmas Bunco is always so much fun and this year was no exception! We always combine November and December and have two hosts instead of one. Things get so hectic around the holidays that this seems to work out best for everyone. Plus, the anticipation builds for two months instead of one!

This year was hosted by Kristi and Lydia and they did an amazing job! Wonderful appetizers, an incredible dinner and a beautiful and delicious dessert. I must say that we always eat quite well at Bunco!!

Lydia served these delicious candy cane drinks ~ so festive !

Kristi made a wonderful dinner ~ a wonderful salad, corn cups, rice and chicken cordon bleu ~ everything tasted so good !

These desserts were so pretty and festive. A meringue base with whipped cream and fresh berries.

The girls did a "Favorite Things" theme with each of us bringing four of our favorite things with a limit of $5 each. Then we drew names and numbers and spread the gifts throughout the evening.

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the gifts, but I was too busy enjoying the moment !

Jolene and Carol ~

Annetta and Nancy ~

Deb and Lydia ~

Linda and Jolene ~

Karen and myself ~

Annetta and Carol ~

Karen, me, Nancy and Lee ~

Ellen, Annetta, Carol and Linda ~

Kristi and Ellen ~

Gifts of chocolate and ice cream ~

Soaps, lotions, coffee's and wine ~

Cards, mugs, and cocoa ~

Coffee cards, decorations and candles ~

Wonderful gifts, wonderful food, wonderful ladies, all who share the love of Jesus.

Friends, prayer warriors, mamas, amazing women !

I love you all ~ Merry Christmas Girls !

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Very Productive Weekend !

We've been on a renovation roll around transformation and an original piece from my hubby !

I started and finished a project last weekend. Very rare for me ! I had a sewing table that my friend, Kathi, gave me. It's been sitting in my bedroom holding books. I kept thinking I'd paint it off white, my color of choice these days. But I've always thought the night stands in my daughter's room were not proportionate to her bed. She has a high, four poster, shaker style bed and it really needed some taller night stands. I had another sewing table that I'd gotten at a yard sale last summer for just a few dollars. It had been sitting in the shop, also waiting for a paint job. I had the idea that I would take both of them and paint them in ASCP Duck Egg. They were similar in style and both had the long, shaker style legs. Well, wouldn't you know, when I got them in the same room, they were the EXACT same table !!!!

Here's the finished product ... I love them! They are just the right height and I really love the gentle, blue color !

Then I got on a role ! I painted my sofa table in Old White ~

I also painted a little table, a curio cabinet and a bunch of frames. Not everything is back together yet, so no photos there. I love the soft white , but I don't want to overdo it either. How much white is too much?

My favorite thing, however, is this amazing new coffee table my husband designed and built. We found all of the hardware at an estate sale last spring. $50.00 for all of it. We still have 2 wheels and some accessory pieces left.

We really like all the factory carts we've seen, but they all seem a little low and  a little small too. We have two large couches in our living room and wanted a table that would accommodate both. This table is 48" by 42" plus the hardware.

I was able to take out all of my frustrations with a hammer, large drill bit, and a heavy chain ! It was fun at the beginning, but boy did my arm get tired ! Brian got a Pony Express image off the Internet and stenciled it onto the side.

We mixed a couple of stains together and came up with a color that looks pretty vintage.

I've only hit my leg twice ! I'm sure it will happen more until I get used to the wheels and sides sticking out !

I think it's gorgeous ! Just what I was hoping for !

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Gathering

We had a little pumpkin carving get-together with the family the other night. I made pumpkin soup, which was soooo yummy!!!

I roasted all the seeds, after Ashleigh cleaned them all up! I toss them with some butter, Worcestershire sauce, and some Johnny's seasoning salt. Last year I had so many that I froze them in Ziploc bags to eat throughout the year.

The competitive side comes out in everyone!

 Brady's pumpkin was so detailed that he didn't get it finished until much later, and I forgot to get a picture :(

Normally I'm busy separating the guts from the seeds and I never carve a pumpkin, but this year I saw a pattern I really liked so I got busy!! I rather enjoyed myself !

The night before, we went on a little outing with Ashleigh and Brady, up into Canada, to a haunted corn maze.

Ashleigh's always breaking the rules !

I love this picture of the two of them !

They were really, really scared !

There were a lot of teenagers there that night and this group was more than willing to pose for me.
Brian and I were so impressed with all of them ~ no hoodlums or shenanigans ~ just really good kids out having fun !

 Now it's Halloween evening and I'm home alone with candy ! I never have any trick ~ or ~ treater's but I need to be prepared ! I cleaned out all my pumpkins and am roasting all the seeds. Think I'll settle down on the sofa and watch a good movie !

Happy  Halloween !!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn...My Favorite Season

It's my favorite time of year ! Fall is here and putting on a glorious show!

Brian and I are getting ready for our annual fall driving trip and we are so excited! Heading to the mountains of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I'm so looking forward to the gorgeous scenery, the chilly weather, and if we're lucky, some snow!!!

The garden is finished and tilled under. I've been drying kale chips, making apple cider and apple pies to freeze. Soups are bubbling on the stove and bread has been baking in the oven. My mouth is watering !

So here's a little fall decor to get you in the mood, if that hasn't already happened !

 I had a great time making sweater pumpkins this year ! My dear friend, Deb Kennedy , has been making these for a few years now and I learned from her. So easy and so much fun ! I got a little carried away with them!

I know you don't see real pumpkins that are brown, but they sure are pretty made out of sweaters!

My sweet friend, Lynda, made these cute caramel apples for my birthday. Love them !

My favorite little truck. This was my honey's when he was a boy ! I can just see him playing in the dirt as a little boy, making roads and having a grand old time !

The pumpkins were bountiful this year ~

Perhaps the carving party will be reinstated !

Happy Fall !