Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn...My Favorite Season

It's my favorite time of year ! Fall is here and putting on a glorious show!

Brian and I are getting ready for our annual fall driving trip and we are so excited! Heading to the mountains of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I'm so looking forward to the gorgeous scenery, the chilly weather, and if we're lucky, some snow!!!

The garden is finished and tilled under. I've been drying kale chips, making apple cider and apple pies to freeze. Soups are bubbling on the stove and bread has been baking in the oven. My mouth is watering !

So here's a little fall decor to get you in the mood, if that hasn't already happened !

 I had a great time making sweater pumpkins this year ! My dear friend, Deb Kennedy , has been making these for a few years now and I learned from her. So easy and so much fun ! I got a little carried away with them!

I know you don't see real pumpkins that are brown, but they sure are pretty made out of sweaters!

My sweet friend, Lynda, made these cute caramel apples for my birthday. Love them !

My favorite little truck. This was my honey's when he was a boy ! I can just see him playing in the dirt as a little boy, making roads and having a grand old time !

The pumpkins were bountiful this year ~

Perhaps the carving party will be reinstated !

Happy Fall !


  1. I just knew I could count on you for a Fall fix. And a very pretty one too! I think your folks should have named you, Autumn.

  2. Happy Fall--I like all your decorations but love the little quilt!

  3. I remember that you love fall. The Happy Mrs C does too. I am trying each year to enjoy it more. I just always think that when fall comes winter is just around the corner and I am not a winter person. I am more spring/summer. I love all your fall decor. I expect anyone stepping into your home would think how homey it is! Blessings!

  4. Fall is my favorite time of the year too! :) Hugs!! :)