Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharing a little Sunshine...

Just sharing a little sunshine from my garden!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Camping Extraviganzia!

We just got back from our annual camping trip over at Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop.

I always seem to start off the trip to Omak to one of my favorite stores, Grandma's Attic. I always find a treasure or two including this baby quilt!!

Also got this cute egg banner! I stopped at a few garage sales and got an old, turquoise typewriter for $5.00! Forgot to take a picture though!!!
Brian enjoys this trip because of all the activity. Hiking, biking, floating, card playing, golfing, etc. I enjoy this trip because I don't have to do anything, but work on my tan!!!!!

Brian took a hike up to Goat Peak. There is a fire tower up there manned by "Lightening Bill".

Not a bad view!!

As is our custom, there was a theme again this year!! It was "Gilligan's Island". Dave did a wonderful jog, again, of organizing all the activities and fun!!

We started off Saturday with a river float down the Methow. I think there were 27 of us!There were prizes for the most decorated river float, and later for costumes!

This is Laura, who actually got married over there the day before, and whose wedding picture I forgot to post! Sorry Laura!!

All decked out! Britt and Staci...

Laura on her own little island!

Dan, Tracy and Craig...

Chris and Crystal...We actually lost Crystal at the end and had to send out a search party, but we found her!!!

We were divided up into three teams and had to stop at four locations along the way and have competitions. The bucket brigade required the team to fill a bucket and dump it on each persons head.....sooooooo cold!!. Then we had to stop and paddle our floats around the "Skipper". Next we had to build a rock tower... highest and widest!! And lastly, we had to bury the person with the biggest head, in the sand!!! People along shore were a bit perplexed, although I think deep down they were quite envious!!!

The floating group!!

My dear friend, Lynda, loaned me lots of decor for the tent!

The winning team...Brian's, not mine!!

Dave, AKA, the Skipper!
There was a costume contest for those living on or visiting the island!

The Headhunter and his daughter, whom he was trying to marry off! And you can see Gilligan next to them!

The Mosquito's, who did a rousing rendition ( and all verses) of the G. I. theme song!

Lord Beasley Waterford who was looking for the rare Pusseycat Swallowtail butterfly,

and of course, Ginger and Mary Ann!

Lord Beasley (Craig) took home the dubious reward!

We had a dessert contest, which had to have pineapple, coconut, or bananas. I came in second to a store bought cream pie!!!! Just wrong Dan, and you know it!!!!

The judges!!

There was a lot of volleyball, in which the kids beat the adults handily for the first time!!!! Many games of Canasta, Poker, and Pinochle. Giant cinnamon rolls were greatly consumed as well as ice cream down at the ice cream shop!!! Tubing, skiing and wake boarding, with a little surfing thrown in, not to mention just floating on the lake!

Great weather and great much fun!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Fun!

Summer's finally here!!! Sunny, warm and full of activity!!

My friend Tami came over to pick raspberries last week and brought me a lovely surprise!!! This sifter and cookie cutters! Look at the handles!!! Thanks Tami, for the gift and for taking those berries off my hands!!

We've been getting a lot of compost for all our beds and the last time we were there, Miss Stephanie noticed that I had Seattle Mariner checks and asked if we'd like to go to the game the next day. They had tickets they couldn't use and gave them to us!!

Mr. Hubby walking up the stairs!

Seattle has one of the greatest ballparks! Unfortunately it had rained off and on so the roof was closed, but on a sunny day...any's a great place to take in a game!

Love the bat chandelier!

The pitchers heading to the bullpen. Notice the Dora the Explorer backpack...!

Evan Longoria was signing baseballs right in front of us.


The grounds crew doing their dance!!

The happy couple!!

Oh, did I mention these seats were front row right on the 1st base line???? Yes they were!!! Amazing seats!!! Not a great game, as we lost, but a fun day!! Thanks Stephanie!!