Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Fun!

Summer's finally here!!! Sunny, warm and full of activity!!

My friend Tami came over to pick raspberries last week and brought me a lovely surprise!!! This sifter and cookie cutters! Look at the handles!!! Thanks Tami, for the gift and for taking those berries off my hands!!

We've been getting a lot of compost for all our beds and the last time we were there, Miss Stephanie noticed that I had Seattle Mariner checks and asked if we'd like to go to the game the next day. They had tickets they couldn't use and gave them to us!!

Mr. Hubby walking up the stairs!

Seattle has one of the greatest ballparks! Unfortunately it had rained off and on so the roof was closed, but on a sunny day...any's a great place to take in a game!

Love the bat chandelier!

The pitchers heading to the bullpen. Notice the Dora the Explorer backpack...!

Evan Longoria was signing baseballs right in front of us.


The grounds crew doing their dance!!

The happy couple!!

Oh, did I mention these seats were front row right on the 1st base line???? Yes they were!!! Amazing seats!!! Not a great game, as we lost, but a fun day!! Thanks Stephanie!!


  1. That was great that you got to go to the game!I haven't been to a game for several years now. DH and I use to go. Now he has DS to go with him!
    Love the cookie cutters and sifter! How sweet of your friend.I collect the green handled ones!
    If you are tired of that rain, send it on my way. We did get some last night but we could use so much more. The rain last night was so wonderful and refreshing. It is like being dehydrated and finally getting a drink of water!

  2. Oh how fun. We went all the way to Atlanta to watch our Detroit Tigers play a couple of years ago. lol. I love to go to ballgames but we do not go often. Well really hardly ever. Love your kitchy gifts! Enjoy the rest of your summer. I am glad to be done with the most stressful summer I think I have ever had. Actually canned 7 quarts of green beans today. I forgot we had a garden. thanks for the sweet comment the other day. Do you know you are a no comment blogger that I cannot return you notes from my e-mail. Did I already ask you that in the past. I thought I could in the past but not now. Oh well I needed to come for a visit to enjoy your music anyway!

  3. Wow. What a happy and fun summer you're having. I've never seen a chandelier like that. How clever!

  4. You are welcome! I'll be back... love your garden.
    Fun summer stuff. Don't take the Mariner loss personal, they do it all the time ;)