Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family and Friends

We had such a glorious Easter day here in Lynden...70 degrees, sunny...nothing at all like we're used to, especially in March. We haven't hosted Easter in a few years so I was really looking forward to having people over! Everyone brings something(s) and aside from getting things set up the day before, all I have to do is cook the hams and have a few sides ready. It's really quite easy and so much fun!

But the best part is just seeing everyone and spending time together! We had 17 people for dinner, of which I took not a single picture. I get so wrapped up in things that I just forget. I did manage to capture the rest of the day though!

The Table Lingerer's!

The Boater's, who finally discovered the steering mechanism!

Badminton got a little intense!

  and goofy! (you knew I'd post it, Braden!)

Some Corn Hole...


The Fans...

Manicures by McKenna!

Love these girls!

 Lot's of  visiting!

 My baby, who just turned 24...ahhhh!

 Add a few pets to the mix! (Benny went snowboarding the day before...goggle lines!)

Me and Ash...

Such a perfect day to celebrate the Risen King of Creation! We are so blessed!
Thanks  to everyone for sharing, cleaning, playing, staying and making the day so memorable!