Thursday, February 3, 2011


While the rest of the country has been covered with ice and snow, here in the Pacific Northwest we've been treated to this...
Sunrise over Mt. Baker with the promise of a beautiful day!!
And at the end of that day we got to see this...

I guarantee that my camera did not do this justice. The colors were so vivid! God was working some serious magic with his paintbrush!!!!
I treated myself to an early Valentine's day goodie, courtesy of Lisa Leonard Designs! It was the mason jar that made me do it!!! It's so cute and I've worn it many times already. I added the charms to my other necklace that I have from her. She has such quality and beautiful jewelry and is so helpful too. Thanks Lisa!!

I finished this during the last Seahawks game. Things weren't going so well for the Hawks so I planted myself in my sewing room and tackled this job!!!! Lynda and I have been adding up how many unfinished projects we have and it wasn't pretty!!!! Of course I need to quilt this, which is my least favorite part, so I can't cross it off the list just yet, but it would be nice to get done for spring.

And, working at the library has it's benefits!!!! As soon as I knew Ree's book was coming out I put it on hold!! I got it yesterday and have only read the first chapter, as I have to finish another book, but this is going to be GOOD!!!!

Stay cozy!!! Spring is coming!!


  1. I've read about that book on a couple of different blogs... I'm going to definitely have to check it out!

    Those few days of sunshine certainly were needed... and now this morning we were back to torrential rain on my way to work this morning. Gotta love winter in the northwest.


  2. We need a few "get er done" girl nights! I am trying to still finish my Daily December Album - AND I was wanting to do a 28 days of love album too! (Not to mention that Emily's album is only caught up to 1st grade). Oh yeah, and then there's that album I want to get done for Nathan by the 1 yr ann. of his accident! So much to do - so little time! PS Beautiful pics!

  3. Hello friend, beautiful photos. No wonder some of my relatives left Oklahoma and moved out there many moons ago.

  4. I want to read this book. It’s on my 2011 list. The photos of the pink/orange sky --they are gorgeous :)