Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday after church I had to run a few errands...groceries, costco and I needed to return a few things. I was Not going to shop. Big Mistake going to that mall!!!

American Eagle and Hollister were having HUGE sales...Old Navy too, but I only got a few things there. I get sucked in to the AE and Hollister, because it seems like their stuff never goes on a really big sale, but this time it was half off all clearance. I came home with 3 bags from each store!!! I'm big on buying whatever and going through it at home and then making returns.

So Tyler starts going through the bags and picking what he likes (most everything) and I decide he shouldn't get anything because he THROWS his clothes on the floor constantly!!!! And he had all this laundry, plus a load in the wash. I think he has enough!!!! Now I know you've seen pictures of skinny guy... and while he's grown many inches over the past 4 or 5 years, he just hasn't gained that much weight!! (wish I could say the same!)

Now I didn't used to be a Hollister fan...skanky A and F offspring and all, but I must say that their clothes are very well made. Back to the skinny Tyler...this is his first Hollister shirt, from 7th or 8th grade (he's a junior now) and he still wears this shirt, for P.E. and work, but still!!!!
It's even quite white yet!!!!

So I let him keep a few things. One for now and the rest for his birthday next month!!!! And I did his laundry. But he has to put it away!!!

Now for all those darned returns!!!!
It's still raining here...sigh...

Our leak turned out to be more work than we thought and we had to call in the pros!!! Steve and Brian had to take off the siding, take out the window and put on window wrap, which should have been put on in the first place, and put the window and siding back up. Plus new trim. Plus paint, which if you recall, we just did the whole house in Sept. We'll have to wait for warmer weather to to that.

Part of the roof needs to come off and a barrier put up with new roof going back on. It's been so wet that it can't get done. But I do have a lovely blue tarp up for all to see!

One good thing from all the rain is that our pond is so full and beautiful!!! It's never been this full before! Isn't the reflection just so pretty??

We can sit on these rocks in the summer, and there are a few more that you can't see. The pond has come up about 4 feet since summer.

The rain also brings out the duck hunters. This kid is walking in the field behind our house. Brian has had to tell them not to aim at the house!!!! Stupid kids!!
Oh my raspberries look messy!!!


  1. That was quite a shopping trip. Would not work for me, I hate returning things. Sometimes they sit so long I don't think I can return them. Sorry about the house repair. The first thing I thought, was they just painted. Bummer. Our ponds are covered in ice and snow I hope they fill up too.

  2. Randy is on his way to our church as we speak to check out some leaks there - yeah for the rain!?!? One advantage of a new house and the best builder ever - we've never had to deal with leaks in our homes! I'm sure if we stayed in one long enough for things to start wearing out we might experience one :0 !!

  3. Several things, totally unrelated to your post (I don't have your email!!) YES, I'm serious about the Squirrel..and bring Lynda! Please tell her I LOVED her comment and will save it forever and ever for days I'm feeling down. It was precious....and give me your email...and have a great day. Thank you.

  4. Oh my gosh-I’m sorry about the leak. I hate things like that and they are always a big pain. Your pond is beautiful and so clear. I do agree, Hollister clothes are definitely for the long haul. That sweatshirt looks new!!

  5. Not to be an alarmist, but TELL THE STUPID kids not to shoot towards the house. We found a bullet hole through my mom's front door, crossed where she sits at the piano and hit the opposite wall, because of the kids down the road who don't know any better than not to shoot where there are houses!!

    Love your ideas and your fabric collection.