Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Me

Once again, I'm having technical difficulties. I have 2 more pictures to load and it won't let me! May have to post twice, as a very, perhaps the most important, picture is missing!!!

I as so blessed to have two great friends in my life. You've already met Lynda, but you haven't met my SIL ,Meagan. She is an awesome and wonderful person and is truly my sister ( SIL stands for sister-in-love you know?!) She lived in Chicago for almost 20 years, but we talked everyday, sometimes more, on the phone, visited when we could and have always been very close. Two years ago she and her family moved back to the Pac-NW and now I can see her anytime!!!!

We spent Mom's Day weekend down at their place and had the best time! I love this girl!!! Meagan is a very gifted artist and recently did some paintings based on some things she found and took pictures of at my house. This is my shed in the middle of my garden, but I couldn't get the pic up-will try again.
The picture below is of the wheelbarrows at the back of my shop near the wood pile. The red one has been moved. This, below, is what I see, and above is what she sees. Big difference!!!! Isn't it beautiful?

Also, my trusty g-sale bike, and again through Meagan's eyes!

She has this series of three at a gallery on Bainbridge Island and has also had them made into cards, which I was blessed to receive on Mom's Day!!!!

I love you sweet sister!!!!


  1. ok, that's some SERIOUS talent!!!
    WOW! my SIL, lisa seems to have some of those same gifts. i tell ya, i can hardly draw a pretty stick person! oh well.
    sorry i missed your call. i was out galavanting with my friends in Scottsdale! (weren't you just there??) read my'll get the 'skinny' on it. you KNOW you are welcome at my house ANYTIME!!! however, i don't know how much 'inspiration' you're going to get here. :) maybe in the next few weeks, you and lynda can come by for coffee!! i would LOVE you have you over!
    let's be in touch!

  2. Wish I could paint. I bet your SIL could live my dream, to go on a trip and have a sketch/paint journal, she is talented. And you're right, you are lucky!