Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunny Days

A beautiful day today after many rainy ones. The grass and weeds grew mightily during this time and both were beckoning me outdoors! I was chatting with Lynda and invited her over to "sit upon a quilt and stitch" while I weeded. She arrived, not so promptly, but with her cute skirt and Mary Jane shoes. We had a lovely chat and it was breathtakingly beautiful to be outside.

After a bit we went in for lunch. Should have taken a pic of our beautiful salad...fresh greens, strawberries, radishes, green onions, toasted pecans, goat cheese and a great balsamic dressing that Lynda whipped up. Ate outside and then headed off to the nursery where we strolled through all the plants, and bought a few too!!!! So nice to carve out a bit of the day to be with friends.
Brian and Lynda's husband Roger, went for a killer bike ride this morning so the boys had their time too!!!!
Got home and did some more weeding (did I mention I have a very LARGE yard?) When Tyler got home from school we had our favorite treat, steamed artichokes...YUM!!! I did more weeding!!!
Ashleigh and Brian are in Seattle at the Mariner game and Tyler is at a lock-in at church so I'm having a girls night in with myself!!! I did ride my bike to meet my other friend, also Linda, and go for a long walk. Nice to catch up and get some exercise too. Now I'm at the computer, but soon to be catching up on the Gilmore Girls and making some hot tea.
A perfect Day:)


  1. Okay, that's it. I have been thinking about taking up some kind of stitchery, then I see Lynda looking cute, stitching in the sunshine. I need a project but don't want to quilt, too overwhelming (I'd get in serious trouble buying fabric). So, what should I do? I just know you or Lynda will have an answer. Oh, and I don't want to knit.

    Happy that you had a fun day!

  2. Dearest Holly,
    It was my favorite day of spring!!!
    Maybe we could get Tami to finish our sock quilt blocks. (just kidding, Tami!) I have been dreaming of crunchy cucumbers ever since!!! We really know how to party!! xoxobetty

  3. oh, isn't life wonderful with a great friend!?

    i'm home tomorrow. (nail appt. at 11:45 but should only be there for about an hour) come on by...i'll be painting outside but your welcome to stop on by. dear, dear holly...i hope you won't be sadly disappointed at my 'measly', dirty and hodge-podgly (i KNOW that isn't a word!!)decorated house. :) you are welcome just the same! :)

  4. What fun! I so want to get a new bike and bike the property. My kids do it all the time.
    Would you like to take up pickling asparagus Tami. Rick, Mark and Christina do in usually in early May, hasn't happened yet, but the appitizers you can make are quite delish. Or in a ceaser drink, Yummy.