Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's what friends are for

We're getting ready to remodel a small portion of our home...opening up the wall between the living and dining and between the living and kitchen. I know, sort of, what I want,but have a hard time explaining verbally. So, I collect pictures and ideas and beg friends to open up their homes so I can physically see things and how they're done.

Yesterday I went over to my friend, Traci's for a tour. On the way I passed this adorable house and did a slow, drive-by photo shoot!!! Hope no one was home!

Traci graciously opened her home and showed me every inch!! Her home is beautiful and in the most peaceful setting. Canadian Rockies and Mt. Baker views, raspberry fields across the street, cows in the back pasture. Three acres of God's creation!

I walked into her kitchen and the coveting began. (I've been doing a lot of that lately.) I really want to change my dark cabinets to cream and seeing hers made me more sure than ever! She painted her island black and sanded the edges. It looks really nice! I want to do the same to my island, only in red.

Living Room

Can't remember which son's room this is but he loves maps and his aunt painted this mural ,and another, on his walls. My SIL does this too!

Family/Play room

She sent me home with her "dream book of ideas". Lots of pics, etc. She and I have very similar taste and have collected many of the same pictures!!! It was such a fun time, thanks Traci! Best part is that I am now considered a "drop-in guest" and I can come by anytime!!! Love that!!!!
On Sunday, B and I went for a drive, sans camera, and stopped at another beautiful home. Mitch and Karen just built their house and their builder is someone we're considering . They were outside and graciously offered us a tour. I was drooling when we finally left!!! I get so inspired by what people come up with...design, colors, flooring,etc. It's really made me want to get going on this project!
Met with the designer/builder last night and I think we're on to something!!!!
Thanks everyone, for sharing your homes!


  1. ok, could you BE any sweeter??!! :)
    thanks for stopping by! i loved having you!
    i'm so glad you found some ideas in my 'dream' book...i'm not surprised that we have some of the same GRAND ideas. great minds think alike. :)
    i can't wait to hear what your plans are. i'm SO coming over!! :)

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Nice house Traci! Love the red and tan in your tv room. Might have to copy that one. And Holly, whatever you decide to do will be so lovely, it always is!
    Lots of love,
    your SIL

  3. Okay girlfriend - next stop my house - my island is painted red with sanded edges! I'd love to give you the tour!!

  4. Cute blog. We will stop by often. You must not be too far from us. Stop by our blog and check out the big antique show and flea market we will do in June in Puyallup!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  5. Oh I hope you will stop by and see us at the Farm chicks, we're in the new bldg to the right.
    Your blog is fun! Come back and visit me and the store