Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Days

It seems that the entire nation is aware of our snow storm. Big news when it shuts down a city like Seattle, but also a little fun! The nice thing about snow in the Northwest is that it really doesn't last all that long.  What's a week of snow to people in Minnesota and North Dakota? I'm sure they think we're nothing but wimps!  We have a week of it and then it's back to normal! Green grass is still under the snow and the weather is supposed to move up into the 40's ,and things are getting back to normal.

It started snowing here on Monday night. Why does snow always start when you have the blinds closed and it's time to go to bed? I like to watch it fall and enjoy the stillness!

Fortunately for me, it snowed most of Tuesday as well!

School was cancelled, but my son and husband still had to go to work. I got to sit and enjoy the view!
Read books, watched movies and did a little baking!

Wednesday was beautiful! Rarely do we get a "nice" snow day, where it's just still and beautiful.

The sun was shining...everything was so tranquil!

Tyler and his friends went sledding, out to eat and had a night of movies and games...still no school!

Thursday it wasn't so nice as the Northeaster kicked in, dropped the temperature and blew snow all over! I heard at one point the temperature, with the windchill, was -15 degrees. The view went from  the above photos to this...

It's about three feet deep by those trees, but almost bare by the house!

My friend, Tami , did a fun snow quiz on her blog. You should visit and check it out!

Hope you get a few snow days, but not too many! Stay cozy!


  1. Yes, I have heard about your snow. I know we really need some here in Kansas but I could go all year without it. BUT I would rather have the snow than ice any day.
    We have had a mild Winter so far but I just know that we will have to pay for it some how. I am holding my breathe, though.
    It is too bad that your pretty snow got blown away.

    Stay warm!

  2. Our cousins in Victoria B.C. are having a few snow days too! Have fun!

  3. Cold here, -2 this morning. Snowed all week but did not seem to add up to what you got by the weather reports. Another snow suppose to blow through later today. Going to do some sewing tonight. Worked on getting some things cut and ready to settle in for a few hours tonight without taking time out to do the pressing and cutting in between the stitches. Have a good weekend Holly and stay warm!

  4. Great pics! I love the bokeh...
    I love snow, snow days and being at home! I hear more is coming.

  5. Beautiful snow pics. Hope your foot continues to heal!