Friday, February 3, 2012

A Fun Little Project

The recovery is slow. I had such high expectations for myself! I'm farther along than the Dr. said I'd be, but I was sure I'd be closer to wearing two shoes! As it is, I now have a "boot" and am able to start putting a little weight on my foot. It also means that I'm able to navigate the stairs quite well and can finally start spending time in my sewing room...yeah!!!

Once a month a get a nice little package from Sweetwater ,as part of their label crew. They create a little project every month, and labels to go with it. I really like everything they do and they have the most swoonable fabrics! I ordered the little fabric kit too, but it was only $5.00...easy peasy!

 The project is for a journal cover that fits over a standard composition book. You get the colorful and very detailed pattern along with the cute label to go on the front of the book. The fabric squares were extra and also came with a fat quarter for the liner.
So I layed out all the fabric pieces until they looked right to me!

Sewed all the rows together...

And together again...

Sewed the front to the back, with a lining in between...

Turned it right side out...

Placed the book inside the flaps...

Ironed on the label and stitched the edges.

I love it! Cute, easy and a project completed in a short amount of time!!!


  1. I am bowing down to you. Easy? and sewing in the same sentence? nope. It is very cute and I'm happy you are getting back on your feet and up the stairs.

  2. Looks wonderful you did an awesome job! I am glad you have made it to the sewing room. Wonder how I missed this post from last week? What a bad blogger friend am I. I made a bag out of some Sweetwater fabric last fall, I also love their fabric. How do you become a label crew.

  3. VERY cute! Maybe I should do it too? Hmmm...

  4. Talk about SUPER cute!!!! I'm going to check out the link.
    My next Post will be a fun quilt top I just finished.
    Happy Weekend,