Wednesday, July 4, 2012


They say that summer doesn't officially start in Western Washington until the 4th of July and that is certainly the case this year! While the rest of the country is experiencing stifling heat, we have had nothing but cold and rain. I would rather have the cooler extreme than the hotter extreme, but it's been a little ridiculous this year.

Today, however, is the first day of a week of sunshine...all days 70+ degrees!!! My garden may have a chance!!! Got it all weeded today so nothing can compete with the good plants!

My poor bean plants...don't know if I'll get anything from them this year. Everything is just shivering! Hopefully this week everything will really take off.

I haven't had time to pick strawberries, but I did buy four flats to freeze, make jam, and our favorite strawberry pizza!

This year I made strawberry banana freezer jam and is it ever good! So easy too!  You can get the recipe here .  I got seven 1/2 pints out of the recipe. She says to let it sit 5 minutes and the pectin says to let sit for 30, so I did 15. Turned out great!

I swore I heard the doorbell ring at 4:30 this morning so I shot out of bed and hesitantly opened the door...nothing. Maybe a dream, but I was wide awake! It was so pretty out that I took the camera for a little walk...

I just can't get enough of Mt. Baker! So blessed to have this in my front yard!

It looked like a fall morning with the mist over the fields.

Someday I'm going to learn how to use my "real" camera and really capture what I see! The moon was shrouded, huge and gorgeous!

I love how light it is at this time of day and that I can go for a walk at 10:00 pm and it's not dark yet! I know we're losing a few minutes every day now, but I'm sure enjoying the one's we have!

Have a blessed 4th of July!!!


  1. Hi Holly!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my porch and the Pop Shoppe bottles! :) Where in WA are you? I'm in Salem! That is so fun that you got to experience a tour of that facility. You should see if they have any retailers in your area. Hope you had a fun holiday. Nice to meet you!

  2. Love the pictures! You are blessed to live in such a lovely place!

  3. Hello Holly...I saw your comment you left on my page and wanted to respond...I'm new to the blogging thing :) It has been soooo hot and miserable here and we are supposed to reach 105 sat...been in 90s and 100s last 2 weeks. It's too hot to do anything!! You want to hear something funny?? I have been listening to christmas music lately to help me cool least in my head...just like you mentioned LOL. I listen to it occasionally year round :) I imagine it is cool and snowing out while I am in the house trying to stay cool. I LOVE your blog...there was a Walton marathon on today on GMC..I DVRd it...

  4. Your blog title made me laugh. I grew up watching The Waltons; I remember my entire family gathering to watch it. I loved the Waltons and wished I could know them.

    I saw your link on
    "crafty country momma", and wanted to find out what your blog was about. Such fun!