Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Most Fabulous Weekend!

We had such a great weekend! It's finally summer here and the past week has been gorgeous! Not too hot, but sunny with a lovely breeze and bright blue skies~Bliss!

Brian worked on the 4th so he came home Thursday afternoon and took Friday as his holiday. It was  a gorgeous night so we went to Bellingham to have dinner at the Hearth Fire, on the water. What a view! Bellingham Bay, the San Juans and so many sailboats!

And what can be better than dessert in a jar?

Friday we did some garage saling, yard work...mowing, weeding, weed whacking, laundry on the line and a little prep work for a BB-Q with friends. Roger, Lynda and family and Doug, Terry and family came over for burgers, s'mores and a swim. It was a great night! The adults enjoyed time around the fire while the kids swam in the pond for hours! And I must say that it wasn't the warmest of nights! Ah, to be young and carefree!!!

The pond is so clean and weed free this year, thanks to our 3 grass carp....they've really stepped up this year! Wish the pond had been this nice when our kids wanted to swim in it!!!

It was so joyous to hear the laughter and splashing that was going on~smiles on our faces!!

The master griller and his buddies!!!

Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market in Bellingham. We usually go once every year or two. Not really our thing, but nice to be in the crowd!!!

This lady had  a great display of wonderful teas, and was quite the saleslady!! Love the vintage suitcases.

I had fun watching this guy. He was pretty amazing with his tossing! He did, however, take a nibble once in awhile and didn't wear gloves! Didn't seem to bother anyone else, as he had quite the line-up for his amazing looking pizza's!

I have coveted this little truck for years! This guy operates a shave ice stand out of the truck and is at a lot of festivals around the area. This truck is pristine!!

Inside and out!

Look at those windows!!! Boy, howdy, would I like one of these!! You can't be anything but happy when you're out and about in this baby!!

We did some more garage saling in Bellingham and went to the re-store before heading home. We had another BB-Q with some of Brian's family that afternoon. Ashleigh and Brady came too and stayed a little later. We had some wonderful salmon, played corn holes and ended with fresh strawberries and ice cream!

This is so long already, I'll save the rest for later!

Hope you had a great weekend too!!!


  1. Just out visiting new places...I enjoyed my visit. Hope you can stop by and say hi. :)

  2. One fun thing after another! I love it that you now have a beach, gotta love that waterfront property. Enjoy!