Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rest of the Weekend...

A little continuation of the weekend...Sunday Bliss!!

The weather here is finally BEAUTIFUL! Sunny, not too hot, but hot enough and a great breeze out here at our place.

After church on Sunday we thought it would be nice to be around water somewhere...Lake Whatcom? Bellingham Bay? Semiahmoo? Whiterock?  Just didn't have it in us to go home, pack up, drive around and be surrounded by people. So.....we went to our own "beach"!!!

Brian raked the beach, set up the chairs and umbrella and blew up the floatie toys!

I packed a picnic lunch and drinks, set up the iPod speakers, gathered some books and magazines and walked the 50 feet to the pond!

When we first moved here, 8 years ago, you could hardly see the pond. Covered in blackberries, we set to work on clearing things out.

The neighbor's section was pretty...

But ours was a mess!

 Cleared one side the first year and then worked on the back.

The kids would swim on the neighbor's side, but you couldn't even access it on our side!

There was a lot of pond weed...not fun to swim in!!! After some research, we were able to get some grass carp for the pond. They've been in almost three summers and this was the year they were hungry!!! We started with five, but only have three now. There is hardly any junk in the pond at all!!!

It's so beautiful now!!

We added a little beach...

 And that is where we spent the day. It was WOnderFul!!! We ate, read, floated, swam, listened to music and had a few cat naps!!! No driving, parking, hauling, searching for a spot....and nice clean bathrooms just a few yards away!!

We're loving our "new found" get away!!!!

In fact, I'm headed out there now!!! I have a few things I need to catch up on!!

Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. This is so great, a beach at home without having to have a second home to keep up. Love it! And I appreciate all the hard work you and Brian put into it, wowza!

  2. What a dream!!!! Your own beach, next to your own clean bathroom...

    I wanna be you.

  3. I may have to ride by on my bike again and just "happen" to have my towel and suit in my basket! :) Looks lovely - nothing like a little vacation spot at home!

  4. That looks ABSOLUTELY lovely! Your home, yard, everything have always looked so beautiful-inspiring! I wish we were neighbours and I could come sit at your kitchen table. Just awesome.