Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Small Town Delights~

This past weekend was our town's annual Raspberry Festival. Raspberries are a huge crop in Whatcom Country and we celebrate that with style!!!

 There's a great little 3 on 3 basketball tournament which is so fun to watch, especially the little kids!

Downtown is all closed off and hoops line the streets! A lot of the high schoolers help with coaching, reffing and score-keeping, and lots of volunteers keep things running smoothly.

Tyler played in the tournament for a number of years...

But the first year was especially sweet...

as they took home first place!

It's always fun to be a champion!!

Lots of food and craft vendors...

Jazz bands perform (those two little girls were singing!)...

And tons of raspberries and ice cream for the bargain price of $1.00!

And for the past few years and antique car show has been added. It seems to grow bigger every year! I have to admit that I wouldn't mind having at least one of these, but which one??? (warning: boatload of photo's coming up!)

The owner said these were Mother-in-law seats!!

I adore these old trucks...Volkswagen is still my favorite, but the Ford works too...and that color??? LOVE!!!

I really like this color...can you tell?

This backseat was the size of a couch! And I love the way the doors open!

Really like the yellow on this one.

This van was pretty cool! You sure could take a lot of people with you!

Gotta love the drive-in tray. Remember those good old A&W days?

There were so many of these gorgeous cars...I think having a matching vintage trailer would be sooo fun!!

Hubby and I enjoyed our few hours downtown. We haven't gone to the Razz fest for a few years...forgot how fun it is!!

What festivals do you have? If you ever want to visit ours, it's always the third Saturday in July!!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of something else Lynden is know for...their hanging baskets! Wish Mine looked like these!



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I remember the cars my dad drove when we were kids. The back seats were so wide that the three of us never bumped elbows! My first job was a car hop for a Dog and Suds Root Beer stand. So those trays bring back a lot of memories for me. Glad your enjoying your summer. I was on vacation last week and there has been some canning and company at my house so I am behind on the the blogging scene.

  2. Hey! You must have gone on Saturday when it WASN'T raining! I must admit, I have never been... one of these years maybe.


    PS can you believe the weird weather we seem to be "enjoying"?

  3. I will take one of each of those cars!!

    Thank you for the comment. Wow, 90 degrees. That would be so nice right now. We are having over 100 every day. With no rain. We have had 30 days over 100 so far this year. Last year it was over 50 days.
    I am ready for Fall!!!