Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Happiest Day!

Let the countdown begin!!!!

My future son-in-law was kind enough to invite my husband and I to "photo stalk" the big moment!! What fun! Trying to stay hidden while people were wondering what the heck we were doing with the huge camera!!  (Photo #6 is when Brady told Ashleigh to look around!) It was really special to be able to be part of the "big moment"!!

The planning has begun...they want to get married at our home next July. Should be lots of time right? We're already panicked!!! But I have a "real" pinterest board now...something I'll actually use!!

Congratulations Ashleigh and Brady!


  1. So exciting!!!! Congratulations to Ashleigh!!! Let the fun and planning begin!!!!

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! That was so cool that he wanted you to snap photos and be a part of it!!

  3. Wow! What fabulous news! We're just a little over a week to go now... it's been a lot of fun planning and so far (fingers crossed) not too much stress or drama :) Can't wait to see everything you do and plan, hopefully you'll share!


    PS I must admit, I still kind of wish my daughter's wedding was at our place... maybe the next one!

  4. They are so cute! He is a keeper, inviting you to photo stalk, that is sweet! I hope I get to help.

  5. Oh, congratulations to all!! I agree with Tami that he is a keeper, and for the same reasons.

    Isn't it sweet to see your daughter so happy? What a blessing!

    I'm sure you will do wonderfully with a wedding in the yard...

  6. Oh Yeah!!! So this daughter, she does not look like you does she??? Just saying, she is her mothers daughter. Well you can do it, almost a whole year. Wait until next June when you have everything planted, everything is green and blooming and you spend everyday deadheading flowers and killing bugs. Oh that was a year to remember. Oh, was that just last year? It will be fine. You have beautiful spot! Congratulations Holly!