Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Chicks 2012, Part Two

I remembered to take my camera back to the show on Sunday!! Thought I'd share some of the booths, and fun and of course, what I did with some of my goodies!!

Miss Betty, in all her goodness and cute outfits, brought us juice to start our morning! She is using one of her new purchases as a tray. What a love she is!

A little photo op before the doors open. In order, with our weekend names...Millie, Barley, Peppy Ally and Betty. Have I mentioned how much fun we have together? So thankful for these delightful, God-loving women!

I loved this booth, and of course when sister's are running it you know it's going to be good! There furniture was so beautiful and they were so kind and sweet!

I really, really wanted this dresser, but one, had no room, and two, I didn't need it! But boy, did I like it!

Just a cute, darling little display...

and another one...

I always love Junebug's booth. So clever and full of fun stuff!!

Can't remember the name of this booth, but these lights are little mason jars re-wired for lights...adorable!

Lot's of cute buntings this year. This one was just paper twisted and tied on a string...very cute!

Love the bunting!

The end of the day, getting ready to head out.
So glad I wanted a picture because I had left my camera in a booth and wouldn't have realized it while we were still there.

One of my finds of the day! Wish it fit!!

I have a little beach display on my back porch and when I saw the swimsuit I thought it would look really cute with the other stuff. Got the ice cream maker set out there too...perfect color!

I got the life jacket at the Ruffles and Rust show a few weeks earlier. I've never seen one like this. We always had the ugly orange ones!

Got these green, Bakelite domino's on the way over...great color!

Some old letters from WW2. I was hoping there were love letters in there, but they were letters from the soldier to his parents! Very sweet!

The first thing I bought, this amazing chalkboard sign! Need to have hubby come up with a way to hang it! It's been so cold here lately that soup is definitely on the menu!

My second purchase, this awesome dough bowl! I've been wanting one of these for  a long time!!

Something I saw on Sunday that I hadn't seen and loved, were these pillow covers. Canvas with vintage inlays. I had two inserts at home that fit perfectly. Finally, some progress in the bedroom re-do!

Another amazing year with amazing friends! I am so blessed!!!


  1. I'm always so impressed with what you put together...and your vision that can recognize the stuff that looks just right in your decor!
    Love it!

  2. I love the back porch display! And jealous party of one, the Farm Chicks Show is one my list but I never seem to get it together and go. You have a good eye and found some sweet stuff!