Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduation 2012

High School Graduation.

The Beginning.
The End.

This past Friday was Tyler's high school graduation. How could 13 years have gone by so quickly? Seems like it was only yesterday that he was headed off to Kindergarten.

He was the only one I knew who didn't want mom to take him to school...he wanted to ride that bus!!!

Oh, how my heart melts when I see that precious face! My arms ache to hold that little body and smother him with kisses! It's been a really long time since he'd let me do that :(

He attended Lynden Christian from Kindergarten through 10th grade and then transferred to Lynden for 11th and 12th so he could do the Running Start program. He wasn't too attached to the school and had no intention of walking through graduation. But a few days before, I went to Baccalaureate and he wasn't there. My heart broke just a little bit.
                                                             His friends without him!

 Then I was looking for a special picture for a friend and came across Ashleigh's graduation pictures and my heart broke a little bit more. So on Tuesday night I asked if he'd do me a favor and walk. He said YES!!! Joy and shock!!! I had gotten a cap and gown at a garage sale last summer, just in case! And I was on the phone bright and early Wed. morning trying to secure a stole and tassel. Thank goodness for Jostens, who said it would be no problem...they'd deliver it to the school on Friday in time for graduation!!

So a few pictures at home, without said stole and tassel...nor would he put on the hat...

I'm so glad he participated!! Don't think he really cared one way or another, but it sure made this mama happy!!

I waited and waited for him to walk through the doors and when he did I realized my camera was off. I think he's laughing because I miss a lot of moments this way!!

Lining up before walking in...

He's always so happy to have me take his picture!

Finally.... a Smile!

 Empty, but pretty just the same! They actually had to go to school on Monday to get their actual diplomas!

Getting ready!

What a moment...

for his mama to remember...

And before you know it, it's over. Thirteen years...finished.

And by the time we found him, the cap and gown were off and thrown in the back seat of his car. He had plans with Max, his best friend, who was leaving in a few days. We did not rank as high as Max on the important meter!

He said he'd take a photo with us the next day...but I knew that wouldn't happen. I've waited three days and finally decided to just take one of the gown before I pass it on!

Congratulations Tyler! Job well done!

Mama's happy!!


  1. So cool that he did Graduation! Officially the end to this chapter of his life! He's a great kid--he will do well!! Tell him Congratulations!!

  2. Congrats!!
    I'm glad you got to see this big milestone. I think I'd feel the same way!
    Love all the farm chicks pics too; so fun!

  3. Congratulations Tyler! Thanks for walking, I was so happy to see you. It will be exciting to see what is next for Tyler.
    Cute pic with Maxidoodle too :)