Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Faithful Friend

Saturday, our little Bailey passed away. While we knew it would come eventually, we weren't prepared for how quickly she faded. The last two days she could barely walk and had quit eating and drinking, so we asked our neighbor, a vet, to come over and put her to sleep. Not how I wanted her to go, but we didn't want to see her suffer. She didn't want to end that way either, so with a last tail wag and a look up at me, she took her last breath. We'll miss you Bailey!
Ashleigh petting her new dog at the Humane Society. We got Bailey when Ashleigh was 7 years old. She had been beaten, the dog, not Ashleigh, and would just cower in the corner. She didn't utter a sound for almost a week!! Unfortunately she learned to bark a little too well!

Such a cute little face!

Tyler was 2 when we got her and he didn't put up with anything from her! If she jumped on him he would grab her jowls and say, "NO Bailey"!

Show and tell at school.

Christmas 2004.

Giving Tyler a little love! Notice both cats would rather not be there!

Her last day .

Tyler giving her some love.

It's strange not having her around. She was always so perky. Although she was almost 14 she would always run out to meet the car , jump around and wag her tail. She was always so happy to see us!

Goodbye, good and faithful friend.


  1. Oh I am so sorry... good bye good friend. Sniff sniff

  2. We will miss Bailey so much. So sorry that you had to say good bye to such a dear friend. She was such a sweet dog. We love you Bailey.
    Hugs to all of you.
    We love you.

  3. WHAAAAA! I cant stand it. WHat a beautiful doggie. SO sorry for loss of your friend:(

  4. I'm really glad you wrote a tribute to Bailey, she definitely was worthy of it. I'm also glad that you clarified that it was her and not me who had been beaten ; )
    I love you lots!

  5. So sorry about Bailey. It was the first thing Tyler said on Saturday. Bailey had the cutest face evah.
    Very cute pics of the kids with Bailey. ;)

  6. Holly dear,
    I'm glad I got to pay respects before Bailey went on to doggy heaven. She taught me to wag more and woof less. Now, we're going to need to go find a cool antique for the spot in which her bed used to lie or lay. Not sure which one is right??? I can just picture Bailey sailing through those canine golden gates with her mane fully restored beyond its former glory. You were a faithful caregiver.

  7. You have my sympathy - the pain of losing a pet - who has become a member of the family - is almost overwhelming. I'm glad you have so many good memories and pictures! Hugs,

  8. OK now you've got me tearing up! I can't imagine when MAX goes - Em will be lost! Poor Tyler - that's almost a life long friend he's had since he was 2!! Hugs!

  9. Holly, So sorry to hear about your four legged family member. It is wonderful that you have the pics of him with your kids. Good memories. We went through the same thing about 2 years ago. Our Barney came home with my three young daughters from a friend home. His mother was not the best looking dog at all. But he turned out to be a beautiful and faithful dog. All the girls grew up and moved out and Barney stayed behind and became my husbands dog. He also was 14 when we had to have him put down. He had a stroke during the night. Now Ladybug was my Christmas present. Jeff did not want another dog but guess what. She has become his new shadow. I have also read All Together in One Place. I still have that book because I liked it a lot. I also have A Land of Sheltered Promise by Jane Kirkpatrick. I don't remember reading it though. What is Measure of Mercy about? I don't think I have read that Author. I'd rather be working on a project than do housework any day! How is your remodel going?