Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A New Beginning

Greetings from the face of the earth, from which I have fallen off of!!!!! Where has the time gone? Why can't I seem to get it together in the blogging world? I so admire my friend Tami, who manages to post a little something every day. She has it published into a book and it's such a wonderful journal of her daily family life. That's my goal people!!!! (By the way, Tami's son, Sam, is being sworn in to the Army tomorrow, so keep him and his family in your prayers please!!)

I'll try to give you the month in review, in no particular order, cuz it's been so long since I blogged that once again I don't remember how to load my photos!!!!

We've started a remodel-addition. Somewhere I had a before picture, but a Christmas one came up! Go figure! You can sort of see that we're pushing the LR out a bit. Putting a big fireplace in the center, getting rid of my "trailer" windows and putting 3 cute little ones above the FP. Also took out a kitchen wall and a dining room wall to open things up. It looks great and we're so glad we did this. Unfortunately it won't be done until the end of Nov. and I'm stressing a bit! Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and it about does me in not to decorate and enjoy a nice book and coffee by the fire!

In other news....moved Ashleigh down to Seattle last week. Here she is, her last day at home!

She'll be a junior at Seattle Pacific University! I made the mistake of only taking pictures of all the issues with the house (for future reference with the landlords) and didn't get any of the cute part! I have one shot of her LR! Isn't the red adorable? She's sharing the house with 5 other girls and they are set to have a good time!!!

Got everything in the truck and her car with a little room to spare!

Brian was down to see her this weekend. I sent the camera so he could take the cute pictures. He forgot. He took Tyler and his friends to a Sounders game in the Red Bull Suite. The goalie came up after the game...gave them all signed jersey's, pictures, and hung out for awhile. Brian left the camera in the car. Later that night he took Ashleigh and her friends to a Mariner's game. Forgot the camera again.................I love my husband, I do, I do!!!!

Tyler started school at the end of August. Didn't quite get the haircut in time for school pictures, but it is a lot shorter now. He informed me that the girls like it longer!!

He LOVES having his picture taken...NOT!!

New school clothes. He's getting a little too fashionable! We do live in farm country after all!!!

Just made some yummy applesauce! Probably my favorite thing to preserve as it smells so good-tastes good too. Doesn't it look so cute in those stubby little jars?

Tyler's looking at buying a car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse. This one just dropped a thousand dollars. Problem is he only has 3000!!

Spent a great weekend with Ashleigh in Eastern Washington. Happened to be the Outdoor Quilt Show at the Buggy Barn, so of course I had to go!!!! Stopped at Waterville for a driving break and a visit to another quilt shop and ran into my neighbor Carol and my old neighbor Lisa, who were also going to the quilt show!

I love the setting of the Buggy Barn! The middle of nowhere, surrounded by wheat fields. So Pretty!

Spent the weekend at Lake Roosevelt with my brother and his family and had so much fun! The water there is so amazing, clear forever, warm and smells like fresh laundry! We had a lot of fun swimming, boating, sitting around the fire. Uploaded the wrong pics, so maybe later!!

Spent a night last week with my sister in law, Meagan. These are some paintings from her new fall series. I LOVE these! I will definitely be buying some of these prints! You can see some of her other paintings at http://www.serenescene.blogspot.com/.

I did do a little fall decorating. I couldn't help myself!!! I know it's going to get all dusty, but I don't care!!!!!

Love this little shopping cart and my old door!

A few quilts, and the hutch that doesn't belong there!

The front porch...and my shadow! Aren't mums glorious? So vibrant!

This cute little bird was singing to me as I was in the garden. Don't know what kind it is.

Lots of pumpkins in my garden this year. They are my favorite thing to grow!

Today, the first day of Autumn, is my 45th birthday! As my BFF ( or former BFF, jk) said, "I'm halfway to 90!!! thanks Lynda!! It's a gorgeous day and I hope to work in my yard and get things tidied up in the garden. Thanks for all of the greetings that I've already gotten today!
Happy Fall!


  1. Hi Holly! I have checked in a couple of times, glad you have a new post. I love a reason to listen to your music. I also made applesauce this week. Not in such cute little jars though. And if that is just a little fall decor you must really go to town. I have not even done a thing yet. I am all about Christmas though. It takes me days to get it together. I love your pics, it looks like you go on a lot of fun trips. Remodeling can be a lot of work. We had to do a lot in our previous home. It was old and a lot of wall came out over the years with a lot of drywall dust to live with. Hope it all goes quickly and turns out just the way you want it!

  2. Happy Birthday! I think we better celebrate soon.
    Tyler looks like one of the Beattles in the pic on the porch. STYLE!
    You are inspiring me to do some Fall decorating. I haven't done a thing YeT. Need to clean first and get my game on for Fall schedule. Your place looks cozy and ready.

    I won a journal from your friend Arlene! Made my day yesterday.

    Have you seen Julie and Julia?

  3. Happy Birthday girl! 45 is a great age so enjoy it. You have a couple beautiful children there & tell Tyler that I'm positive he'll be beating 'em off with a stick with that gorgeous hair! :)
    We have a son that went to Pacific Univ. only it was in Hillsboro (outside of Portland), Oregon. Let me tell you, that's a lo.o.o.ong way from Minnesota. On the bright side, I've been to the Buggy Barn 2 times!!! YeeHaw. What a fun place.
    I want to thank you for your comment on my blog. I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear from someone who has read it and your comment, well girl, I'm going to print it off for my bulletin board. You've made my day!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! It does give me satifaction when all the canning it done. I am always glad when I do just one more batch of something, when I just want to quite. The green is Green Pepper Jelly. Let me know if you want a copy of the recipe it is easy and I got it from a new book I bought this year called Complete Book of Home Preserving. It's a Ball book, but new and hardback. Very large also. Just has all kinds of new stuff in it. One of the red batches is a Red Pepper Jelly that has Balsamic and Red Wine vinegar in it. Last year I made pepper Jam from another book. This is actually the first year I have made any kind of jelly's, I have always made jams. It was easier than I expected. I will post a picture when the Hen House is done. I cannot wait to see your addition completed. How is it going? Have a good week!